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Why do you upgrade to dotabuff plus? in General Discussion
Is this for profit?

    Simply I was looking at rankings at open dota so I wanted a comparison of the systems. Unfortunately it seems I wasted my money in that these rankings cant be appropriately assessed. On open dota im in the 99.9% for venge, here im 98%. Not that big a difference? well statistically it is. The problem I think is that these rankings should reflect my mmr since I spam two heroes (venge and lich).

    Why did you buy dotabuff plus?


      You paid for dotabuff plus because of rankings? Lol.

      Anyway both use different methodologies. There’s obviously no one objective way to do it. Hence there will be differences.

      Why did you pay for plus again?


        If you're in the 99% ranking doesnt that mean you are pretty average?

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        Is this for profit?

          I dont know, it was 6 dollars. Fair price? What do you get for the money?

          Means I'm average in my mind but damn close the top in yours :D


            6 bucks to satisfy your curiosity. I Guess. To each his own.

            Is this for profit?

              Purposefully understood, deliberately maintained :P


                to support the dotabuff i guess

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                  Maybe I’ll add that hero rankings are one of the more meaningless stats that these sites have to offer. Simply because mmr is kinda a confounding factor.


                    Just a gesture to support the site really. From what I've seen, Plus doesn't offer a lot, so it's more of a donation for them to keep their staff employed/servers running.


                      I would love to support dotabuff, even i know there are other stats websites for free with more depth.

                      I paid that for while but its clearly overpriced, this should cost less than 3$ just as support websites and get little extra from it.

                      Look at this forum, literally zero improvement in last 10 years its ridiculous.
                      Im not so greedy i just not throwing money to someone who did nothing for users after release.

                      This is my honest opinion, dotabuff doesn't deserve what they asking for.

                      Is this for profit?

                        Interesting, I think that the online dota community have stagnated. There has been plenty of sites which offers guides, instructions, teachers etc but from my estimate none of these have maintained popularity and I think that most of the stats available on these pages can be found in-game.

                        I use dotabuff because I can see which lanes won and the overview is quite good.
                        I will not renew my buff plus.

                        small retarded fish

                          im buying it because i wanna see more stats so i need truesight on all my games

                          Is this for profit?

                            <--- officially a retard :D



                              Is this for profit?

                                Thank you


                                  most things you can already see with plus and overwolf.

                                  and the only thing dotabuff has rn is the rankings in which they said they were working on it and features are coming after TI.

                                  just little did we know that after TI didnt mean after TI5 and here we are 2019 and still waiting )))