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Dota 2 Players in Australia (Sydney/Melb/etc) in General Discussion

    I just got back to this game..

    2:30 AM right now.. been queuing for 15 mins but no players.

    This ain't going to happen in SEA

    Midnight Special

      all are busy with dota autochess, sorry mate


        Australian dota tends to go downhill once it passes 12am. Bad players, trolls, unbalanced games etc. Many of my worst games have been late at night/early in the morning. From about 6am though it gets a bit better.


          Playing in the smallest server at 2:30am lul.


            ^ if this is the case.. i can become a pro Dota 2 player here..

            anyone from this region. add me, let's join #TI this 2019

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