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General DiscussionWhat boots to buy on shadow fiend?

What boots to buy on shadow fiend? in General Discussion

    High mmr players are buying guardian greaves or tranquils... i see some bots first too, tried it feels great.
    or just always treads?

    i guess tranquils is just the best for magic build... movespeed of travels combined with healing from greaves xd

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      Treads or brown

      Palmen aus Plastik

        tread switching seems like a must on that hero. always so low on mana.


          I have heard the greaves build is nuts


            BoT's first masterrace


              There's no perfect boots, the hero is so flexible and could be played with all boots in the game.
              Phase boots, for fast paced game. Treds for efficient farm, toggling. Tranquil for tough magic damage enemies / laners.
              BoT is probably the least one i would recommend since the movement speed is not the thing ur hero lack or need to get online. (Even if its used for split push/farm tool)


                @-K BoT's are imbalanced as shit right now if you get them early, the fact you can base with a TP scroll to completely restore health+mana and then use BoT's to get back out to lane and farm is stupidly high value!

                As a general rule, get brown boots and leave them unfinished until you get a good idea of how the game is going. If you have a big early lead get BoT's ASAP, if you are winning but need to stay on top you can go treads or phase for the damage boost, if you are losing get tranquils or arcanes to try and help you weather the storm.


                  Why do some people rush grieves?

                  Prosperous Inevitably Dec...

                    Treads. You want the hp, you want the attack speed for the jungle, you want the mana switch for razes.
                    Travels are okay if you can't get picked off or nuked out.


                      I think you actually go for greaves almost every game on sf right now, when you do it you get them at around 12-15 minutes and they are fucking insane for your entire team

                      I see all the 6-7ks do it, so why wouldnt it be good


                        Only 1 pro who plays sf a lot lately is ccnc and he buys greaves and is rank 1 NA, almost 9k

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                          greaves is good..i tried it tho i suck playing the hero..greaves gives u sustain which the hero really can spam razes, join teamfights and taking towers early which the hero really excels..the early to mid game..

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                            Yeah, the Gambit midlaner is playing shadow fiend at the moment and winning against OG with greaves as well. Gotta try that sht sometime.

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