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    Do i ward too much? thats why i keep on delaying an item as pos 5.


      i'm not super good but i got an advice from a pro position 5 player
      If u guys are winning and snowballing then u can be a bit greedy, but when you guys are losing then buy as much wards as possible because you need to know their positions as much as possible to avoid getting kill and feeding them even more. Warding a lot when losing can also give you some kills for a better chance to come back


        Usually tranquils, wand, bracers are enough.

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          Warding a lot when losing can also give you some kills for a better chance to come back

          What are you smoking? You trolling or mentally handicap?

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            Every ward should have a purpose. Don’t just place wards with the hope that someone will meander through vision. Watd around objectives planned, unless your carries are too afraid to leave the base, then ward wherever they can farm closely.

            It can be okay to have wards in shop, even if your carry starts yelling at you


              For the most part, you can never buy too many wards.

              Sometimes I'll get trapped in a position where I've given up an early kill or two by accident, and suddenly can't afford my brown boots, thus making it a lot easier for me to die again and begin chain feeding. Getting your boots and a wand are incredibly important, especially in the 5 role.

              If you're struggling to get those, just ask your cores to buy wards. Something to the tune of: "Yo, I need my boots or I'm going to keep feeding. If someone buys wards, I can place them" will usually get a reluctant core or your 4 pos to buy them and drop them in spawn for you.


                depends where you place the wards.

                pos 5 players that buy 50 wards in a game and place all in their own jungle only to get them dewarded 30 seconds later, thats too many wards or rather wasted gold.

                In the enemy jungle you can never have enough wards.


                  there is no such things as too much wards..when there is some ulitily item that you need to buy and cant afford it for the moment kindly ask ur pos 4 to cover wards..when i play pos 5 i usually just buy tranquils and bracers..others are luxury..

                  too car goo link

                    When I play pos 5, wards are priority (but if until 15 mins into the game you still can't complete your boots (tranq or arc), kindly ask your 4 to cover a bit). It is better as Lion (for example) to not have blink but have maps covered than having blink but can't evade or do gank

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                      If you can anticipate enemy movements and what they are planning to do, you can never have enough Observer Wards.

                      Although I end up buying too many sentry wards = =

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                        there is no such things as too much wards..

                        Just LMAO, opinion of a typical core player


                          i played 20% of the time as a support isnt that enough? :( omegalul

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                            ^last 12 months only 14%, while there are 2 supports in 5 man-team, meaning you avoid picking support with 65% probability


                              yah my sorry player :)

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                                ^i am not a support, I am a carry in disguise (for example see )

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                                  It's okay to ward much as long as u know when and where to place them. I usually watch Virtus Pro their supp is very good in warding.