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    When i was at tbd met this guy and saw his winrate which was like 95 + percent at that time, and guess what, ofc We got TRAsheD. But i tried to maintain my stat for good mmr . So from that point i began stalking and both f us got legend 3 . Then 1 month later i checked his profile BOOM immortal tier and me , same shit hole. . He is skywrath

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      What’s the point in this thread? You’re subtly implying that you deserve to be on the same level as him?


        Oh dude you're everywhere lol wtf. From the way you text, i can imagine you being a person who is complain box. I might be wrong. Btw im just sharing my dota story .this is the first time im using dotabuff forum so m just exploring it . Chillax its just a game .


          I’m not a complain box at all, I’m probably far more PMA and chill than the average Dota player, I just can’t stand it when people look for excuses or reasons as to why they’re not at a higher mmr or skill bracket without ever acknowledging that there’s a small chance that they are where they deserve to be, which is exactly the sort of player you come across as.

          That’s also a lame ass Dota story, I’ve played with and against TI winners before, should I make a thread subtly implying I should have also won TI?


            Why not. Who's stoping you


              Himself. Because not everybody shouts about playing with well known players because nobody cares.


                meet pro in tbd lol bro that was a shithole game with a smurf simple
                Normal Skill
                SKILL BRACKET
                LOBBY TYPE
                NORMAL BRACKET. everyone in that game was potatos.


                  But i tried to maintain my stat for good mmr


                  Natalie Sup'Portman

                    So it's still unclear to me... What is the point of this thread?

                    Luck Is No Excuse-

                      first of all sorry for ruining your game im the skywrath mage, i just back from dota 2 for almost 2 years and using new account. feel free to ask bro


                        @pos 1/2 or mad criminals are allowed to talk after the jury decided if the attendants vote is right. So please remain in your bench and wait 50 comments before you speak again

                        T GOD

                          hahahahahah lol lol rofl he got to immortal becz hes talented dont be jelous la


                            @pos 1/2 or mad . Oh dude yes plz add me . Would love to learn from you sensi . 349037372
                            Btw what is your main account. rank?

                            Luck Is No Excuse-

                              @lmao i cant add bro, my main was gone already on 2017 middle year when there is no medal but is about 7.4k+-


                                Will you plz boost this account?


                                  can i add u sir?

                                  Luck Is No Excuse-

                                    @lmao i cant boost your mmr bro

                                    @sky cant add sir you should add me


                                      i can add sir ur id sir?

                                      Luck Is No Excuse-

                                        here we go 913331818

                                        Natalie Sup'Portman

                                          Why would you expose yourself to this...?


                                            he just wants to get boosted..xD


                                              done sir


                                                @deeply offended its just a game chillax

                                                Natalie Sup'Portman

                                                  @lmao If it's just a game that no one should take seriously, why are you nagging people for ancient and divine accounts then? How about you take your own advice, and stop telling other, already relaxed and comfortable people, to relax...


                                                    Chill fucking axe.


                                                      @1/2 I'm on fire now btw how much did you get after caliberation ? And what's your current mmr?

                                                      Potato Marshal

                                                        If you could have any pro player be your boyfriend, who would it be?


                                                          ^ envy


                                                            @potato you a girl?

                                                            PMA ( Positive Mental Att...

                                                              bahahaha sad. your medal your skills, unless you are a pro player. #realtalk


                                                                "can you add me pls can you boost me pls" SIR SIR SIR plz

                                                                human vermin nothing more to say