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General DiscussionVisage is originally a support but I never see that

Visage is originally a support but I never see that in General Discussion
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    Need tips on how to play it as sup...what do I max first and what items?


      Visage as a support is same as core.Just your timings are late and that hero needs fast lvl 6 or he is almost useless that's y I don't think he's a good support in this patch


        As visage u max soul assumption take 1 or in ur 2 and max gravekeepers cloak


          i used to max cloak back when i thought that support visage is worth spamming
          but that's like a year ago, also back then you could burst people with birds rather than dealing constant damage

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            I think it depends on what offlaner(s) you are against. Heroes like Axe or Tide? You probably wanna max Soul Assumption for solid magical burst. Otherwise, I would max Grave Chill for the flash farming and become a semi-core. You can do a lot of damage with just birds and Medallion, but you don't necessarily have to do damage as Visage. Sometimes just constantly dropping those AoE stuns in team fights and spamming Soul Assumption is all that is needed from you.

            As for itemization, I think rushing a Medallion first is a must most of the time. After that, you probably want to consider buying a couple of mid game items like HotD, vlads, pipe, and even drums. Not building big items is important as support Visage so you can buy plenty of wards for the team. Late game, I'm a fan of aghs or AC. Both of those items allow you to take objectives quickly after you win a teamfight. Aghs has the bonus potential of dropping a 4.5 second (6 w/lvl 25 talent) AoE stun on enemy team.


              Normally goes in an aggro tri and max assumption+chill. Stuff has to happen in the lane though otherwise you'll be super useless all game.

              medallion and wand and you're Gucci.

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                when i started dota and trilane where a thing i played visage support a lot.


                  ambiguous heroes are all over dota, visage is just one of them

                  you can play lion as a carry for example and a kunkka as support that is what makes the game fun, isn't it?