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    which games are easier, vs solo players or team?
    i have the option checked, so its all solo players in the game.
    what you guys think?

    new mouse don't judge

      if you don't strict solo rank matchmaking then your games will be filled with party-stacks which usually tend to not give a fuck since it's party mmr

      Jón Páll Sigmarsson

        party stacks have the tendency to not be as toxic as 5 randoms though


          ^haha, you kidding? With party stack, if one of them flames you, the rest are instantly on his side


            i strict solo ranking


              Haha party mmr. You make 1 mistake they send you to lp, how is that even balanced


                ^reports from party counts as 1 since long time ago because it was abused, being reported by a 3 party stacks before was instant chat ban so they changed it.