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Tiger Woods

    Is still not out yet WTF volvo I live in Downtown Bellevue should I walk over to Valve Headquarters and make a scene for our Immortal Treasure 2!!

    "Hey I spent hundreds of dollars on your shitty Cosmetic items can you hurry up and give me my shitty cosmetic item so i can lose more games"

    I mean im finally realizing how shit this company is for making 17 million dollars already from Battle Pass yet can release their fucking Content in a timely manner.

    Like realistically how does it take over a year to design a fucking Pudge Arcana. That shit is cool but took 2 weeks at most.

    Taking donations: Get up to 100$ i will Walk Naked into valve HQ with "GIVE IMMORTAL 2's" painted on me.

    flourishing new leaf

      Who gives a fuck


        "spent hundreds of dollars on your shitty cosmetic items"

        Are you really this stupid?

        Tiger Woods

          Apparently u enough to comment lul

          Tiger Woods

            Its funny how the community that follows a game enough to go to a third party forum doesnt actually give a single shit about the game. like you are asking me who gives a fuck, are you really this stupid?

            let me ask you something! Who the fuck are you, why are you here, you think i fucking care? you think i dont have more money? Stop your fucking shitposts and go to reddit with your terrible attitudes and feedback. No1 fucking wants you or needs you here.


              I would like the game mode more tbh, I want to see these quests and finish them asap

              Tiger Woods

                ^ that too. My point here is they seem to have like 7-10 different bits of content all unique and special and all of them are delayed and postponed.

                Like dont come out with a big bundle if half the bundle is "Coming Soon"


                  Sorry if my comment too offensive, what i meant was spending too much money into dota isnt that worth, i'd rather spend hundreds of dollars for something in real life

                  Tiger Woods

                    What is your concept of "real life" is buying brand name clothes to achieve a certain look and status for validation "real life"?

                    Some would argue that materialism and that type of stuff is less "real" than actual passions and interests and hobbies. I have this conversation with my brother a lot who isnt a gamer. I honestly wasnt offended by you as much as the other person.

                    Let me put it in context a little more:

                    I live in Bellevue, close to Valve, I know people who work at Valve, I have played Warcraft 3 and Dota since it was the first Video Game I ever played as a 13 year old. I will support Dota until the day the game dies. If a couple hundred bucks and some shitty battle pass items and cosmetics is all i get from it. You forget that I gain the experiences, laughs, anger, and all the other fun that playing dota with your friends can bring.

                    One might say that my priorites are fucked up. But I have a well paying Job, Hot Girlfriend, Cute Dog, Decent Car, Chill apartment, nice clothes, Good health, solid family, so at the end of the day all is good.

                    I just am bummed at the level of intelect and positivity in these threads. And i get dragged down into it too

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                      People even made a song about it


                      Tiger Woods

                        ^^ XD XD XD XD XD

                        I just opened that at work and forgot I didnt have headphones and just Died Laughing had to leave the office for a min


                          Ye but seriously, 2 months passed... Underhollow and treasure II waiting room...

                          Suck my tiny curry dick

                            Please hang yourself


                              in all seriousness i also want to see the new immos
                              where the heck is it




                                  lul I like the guys who try to explain why they spend money on video games

                                  why don't you just say that you think that you don't see anywhere better to spend your money into, that is my excuse

                                  I pay only with money I earned myself and besides on books I don't spend money anyway, I would rather try to improve my overall happiness with something that is fun and solving quests in my favorite game is quite up on the scale

                                  On the other hand if someone spends the money of their parents, if they are ok with it I couldn't care less tbh, they didn't take it from me unlike your favorite socialists might tell you

                                  I get the absence of understanding for skins/sets ingame, I don't get it either, I just like anoying my friends when having a set of a hero for no reason whatsoever

                                  everybody who spent even a second thinking bad of people who spend money on ingame items should try to learn some skills that could make them more money and spend it on something better, moaning on the internet about it just makes you pathetic

                                  I have to add, the display of the new battlepass page sucks and it is just cringe, it looks like the let it be made by an intern or something along those lines