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I spammed Spectre to get Divine. AMA! in General Discussion
the better spidey

    Hey, I DO enjoy playing her, so ...

    JBT_HydeLarc fans boy wkwk

      Can u tell me how to use spec like a pro? I am a spec player too in 2k. But when i am 4k, its hard to play her. Becouse spec farm so slow not like am, juger, or luna.

      ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

        The thing is spec is not a fast farmer like luna am or jugg that's why u get radiance how u should play spec is very easy safe farm till u get radiance and only fight to KS after radiance u go afk farm and only join fights with ult and tell ure team to w8 for ure ult cd before starting a fight

        One True Merchant

          What items before Rad?


            I don't see any spam. Liar. You probably just pick well with the hero.

            JBT_HydeLarc fans boy wkwk

              Its hard to get radiance bro. 3.8k gold sacred, if we use other carry, we can buy core item 1 by 1, like yasha or furry, dont need to collect 3.8.

              the better spidey

                @HanYolo you're seeing a lot of Party Ranked games in my history. My Solo games are 90% Spec.

                ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                  before radiance u may get aquila brown boot a ring of health to vanguard even phase boot but the faster u hit radiance the better so u may skip all or some of these items

                  the better spidey

                    I'm pretty sure my "build" is incorrect, but recently I've pretty much never strayed away from this progression = Aquila, Treads, Wand, into 18 minute Radiance.

                    A better player probably would've built another item before Radiance (like Urn, Drums or Blademail. I do that sometimes when I'm behind), and would've perhaps gotten Phase Boots instead. But IMO my build is just super comfortable and low-risk because PT+Aquila means you hit super hard, farm fast, can semi-spam Dagger (Tread switching !!!!!!!) and can pressure towers.

                    The key to this playstyle is to play very reserved. Ferry salves if you need to. Use your Shrines. Don't always take your T1 tower too quickly. Split push / shove waves with your Dagger when you can. COMMIT HAUNT TO KILL ENEMY CORES. Know that it's your OPPONENT that's on a timer, not you. If your team is taking a losing fight, don't join in! Farm jungle, or, if possible, shove lanes.

                    Get your level 10 talent ASAP (HP regen.) Keep farming. Once you've got that pre-20 minute Radiance, you already have a 70% chance of winning. After Radiance my extenders are a combination of Blademail / Heart / Manta / BKB / Skadi / Butterfly depends on the game. If you want a super braindead but impactful build it's Radiance -> BM -> Heart (because of your talents.)

                    Your worst nightmares are big tanky offlaners like Omni, LC, and Tide. Mid to late game, no hero properly "counters" you. HOWEVER, a well-timed BKB purchase can definitely cause you to play differently. In that case, go for the supports (which is what you're supposed to do most of the time anyway.)

                    JBT_HydeLarc fans boy wkwk

                      I will try pt and aquila then rush radiance bro. My usual build is pt vangu bm then radia. Its took 25-30 min to radiance if i use my usual build like i say. Now i will pt aquila and rush radi. I will try. Thx

                      the better spidey

                        @Bukan you should buy Vanguard only 1% of games I feel. Also, never buy Vanguard and BM together lmao.


                          People who go vanguard first item on Spectre seriously they give me cancer on a different level like i just want to walk mid and feed

                          the better spidey

                            @Dawn you won't get anything out of that attitude. I've seen some 5.5k Dotabuff guides where a player would rush Vanguard ASAP. While I don't necessarily AGREE with this, I feel like it's a playstyle/bracket thing. The player probably guessed that his lane would get rotated on 24/7 in a couple of minutes + he can't pressure the enemy tower, so while he was free farming he bought the 6-7 minute Vanguard, which allowed him to sit on his lane and defend his T1 indefinitely. This is a semi-decent way to confuse the enemy team into "what the f*ck do we do now?" mode.


                              Even when i get fucked in lane i try to Rush Radi, so i can Fuck their anuses back. However building vanguard, if ur winning or if ur losing won’t change a thing

                              Dire Wolf

                                vanguard before spectres regen talent made a lot of sense since the hero has zero sustain until heart. Now I think it's a bit redundant.

                                The hardest part for low players is farming radiance in a respectable time. You really have to work on lane mechanics and just not miss last hits or you're screwed cus spec can't catch up in the jungle. I was vs a tide spamming anchor and it was just awful having like 20 base dmg. I was super far behind that game.

                                the better spidey

                                  @Dire Wolf buying Vanguard AND Diffusal cost you that game. Also one of PT+Aquila's biggest strengths, imo, is that you CAN catch up in the jungle after you've gotten your regen talent, or even before with a Shrine use.

                                  the better spidey

                                    Power Treads is just seeing a resurgence in carries I feel. Right now it just feels like a great boost of Stats, Attack Speed, and Mana to your hero that you don't have to use the courier for. Add Aquila on top of that (which I feel is this patch's PMS/Drums aka everyone wants to buy it because it's so good) and you're set.

                                    Other cores that are starting to purchase Treads instead: Juggernaut (from Phase), Gyro (from Phase), PL (from sometimes Travels), Doom (sometimes. From Phase), Lifestealer (from Phase), Invoker (from brown boots or travels), MK (from Phase), etc. Those are the ones on top of my head.

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                                    the better spidey

                                      To high mmr players out there = because I've played over 20% of my Dota games as one favorite hero, has that in any way stunted my progression as a player?

                                      I do feel like I struggle a bit when playing other roles (offlane, roamer, especially midlane.) Heck, I don't feel comfortable playing other cores like PL, TB because they play very differently from Spectre.


                                        ^yes, playing the highest winrate hero in the game consistently is going to make it take less effort to win games - compared to the effort needed for other heroes in different roles

                                        < blank >

                                          Just a qq, is there a build that completely skips radiance ? Like u r having a bad day and can't build that 3.8k relic in any time... Some other viable build in such cases ?

                                          JBT_HydeLarc fans boy wkwk

                                            Thx guys. I try spec with pt and aquila. 18 min radian. I dont build vanguard again.
                                            Your tips work well haha


                                              When it rains i play timber, when it shines i play timber.


                                              Your Depression

                                                radiance on specter is only optional item and there are many better items than rad. Change my mind!


                                                  I'll feed you to my kids

                                                  Sincerely, brood spammer

                                                  lexdoggy dogg


                                                    the better spidey

                                                      @BlueFlash @Story Time the hero at the current moment is balanced around as a tanky, radiance-carrying late game hero. Also her best talents are the ones that compliment that playstyle. This might change in the future after seeing the recent buffs she’s received.

                                                      With the OG “Badman” build, I feel right now you aren’t as scary as back then in 35 minutes even if you’re fully loaded (Manta+Diffusal+Butterfly), because:
                                                      1) You will probably be kited to death by support items.
                                                      2) You would probably get wrecked by enemy BKBs because of how committal you have to play.
                                                      3) You won’t be able to go against a lot of high ground defenses because of your lack of regen.

                                                      Playing Spectre without Radiance and Heart now (NOW) just makes me wish I was playing a different hero. A hero with better laning, solo kill potential, and a hero that can afford to get a fast BKB.

                                                      the better spidey

                                                        If you’re absooooolutely cucked and can’t even get a ~27 minute Radiance build value items on her (I like Drums and/or Blademail).

                                                        After that, hopefully you win one good fight, get a lot of gold; assess the situation whether or not Radiance would tip the scales in the next fight. I’d say, more often than not, the answer is yes because Radiance is such a good item on her.

                                                        If not then just get Manta.

                                                        Then, assess again if the game is still going on.

                                                        morgan freefarm

                                                          spectre with urn is the only way to play her back on 7.0x miss that good ol' time

                                                          concerned carrymates

                                                            Can break mechanic properly destroy spectre?

                                                            morgan freefarm

                                                              Unfortunately only 4 things apply break mechanic on dota, viper nethertoxin, aghs upgraded ult of shadow demon and doom, and ofc silver edge, all of them need some reliable lockdown too like hex and shit, the viper nethertoxin get countered by bkb or if one simply move away from the area, the silver edge break last for like 3 second or so, the only reliable break is the doom and shadow demon but it cost your team 4200 g

                                                              And i think if you get to the point where you think you need break for killing spectre, that guy surely has a lot of farm and you need to focus her on teamfight, and your team might still get radiance burn (assuming spectre build rad and she does not turn it off) so yeah it's very good but need cordination and good timing, otherwise meh you should have end it like 20 minutes earlier m8 gj.


                                                                Regen talent is trash,later on u need desolate talent to scale better,25 percent more damage.I buy only stat hp items on boots late,like heart skadi manta butterfly assault abbysal is 5400 hp 50 armor


                                                                  What support hero/heroes did you like or felt best worked for you during your grind


                                                                    imo babysitters that lets spectre not get destroyed in the laning phase because she's pretty good at that


                                                                      Have you ever tried a non-radiance build? Diffusal-manta or something like that? The few times I've played Spec, I'd go for a more tanky-fighting sort of build, with max dispersion, urn-vanguard-manta. Just asking for your opinion on it, you're clearly the better spec player

                                                                      the better spidey

                                                                        @concerned I’m way more terrified of a BKB than of a Silver Edge. And unkillable offlaners with kill potential too (Brew, Omni, Doom, etc.)

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                                                                        the better spidey

                                                                          @chu4lyfe depends on the offlaner(s). But most of the time the best lane partners for Spectre is a “strong” support duo with kill potential and possibility for initiation later in the game. So, like Shadow Shaman, Nyx Assassin, Night Stalker, Jakiro.

                                                                          I say “strong” because one of the worst mistakes you can make is dual laning Spectre with heroes like Warlock, CM, or Rubick. What will happen is your lane would probably go nowhere and so will the rest of the early game.

                                                                          So yeah, you shouldn’t look to “babysit” your Spectre. You should look to kill the enemy offlane and when Spec is strong enough, make space by ganking the entire map so that she can follow up with Haunt.

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                                                                          the better spidey

                                                                            @ETdAwesome I’ve mentioned before somewhere in this thread about how I feel playing Spectre without Radiance. Tl;dr I don’t like it.

                                                                            HOWEVER there’s a new reddit thread made by this Divine 5 Spectre spammer:


                                                                            ... and he has something different to say about playing Spectre. He skips Radiance for most games and goes PT Aquila Manta Diffusal. Read the thread for more details. I definitely think there is some merit to this. His winrate is insane.


                                                                              Good read, found the perspective interesting.
                                                                              Because it wasn't covered in the reddit post, what's your thoughts on midas? I know its glaring flaws, but I feel there could be merits to it.

                                                                              Dire Wolf

                                                                                YES. I hate having cm as a support, it's just asking the offlaners to go 2-1-2 and kick your lanes ass. Lich is fine cus with sacrifice he can pull lane back, but passive heroes like cm and warlock just stink. Rubick is weak in lane too. Witch dr is ok. Jakiro is nice vs solo guys, cant liquid fire them.

                                                                                I wouldn't rush or go out of your way to build break vs spec. It's more like a nice to have, so on a hero who it fits like sniper, or troll I'd do it, or if you are considering blink vs shadow blade on like lc or doom or void or something I'd get it. But I wouldn't build it on heroes who have no business building it like pa.

                                                                                the better spidey

                                                                                  @E.T. Midas is an outdated item in the current meta save for very specific heroes like Arc Warden.

                                                                                  It was only really bought on Spectre during that one patch where EVERYONE would get Midas. Aside from then, Midas has always been an especially TERRIBLE item on Spectre (for obvious reasons, gives you nothing to survive or be stronger in the early game, makes your Radiance 2k gold more expensive.)

                                                                                  Gabba Gabba

                                                                                    "Even when i get fucked in lane i try to Rush Radi, so i can Fuck their anuses back. However building vanguard, if ur winning or if ur losing won’t change a thing"

                                                                                    yeah you shouldn't play spectre Vanguard is literally a core item on spectre at high level play.

                                                                                    the better spidey

                                                                                      ^ what? Lmao i know you’re not replying to me but... you’re trolling right?


                                                                                        Treads, aquila, radi , diffusal, manta, heart/Skadi / , Nullifier / Abyssal


                                                                                          When you dont have a support or good laning stage those carries are going nowhere. Now spec has less hp and is more vulnerable to ganks.


                                                                                            badman build is good thou ...

                                                                                            the better spidey

                                                                                              @Storytime that was my last game, and I was trying out the Divine 5 reddit build. I linked to the post in a previous post.

                                                                                              Gentleman Johnny

                                                                                                I admit I am kind of new to Spectre, but isn't the inherent problem with that spec build is isn't it just done better by Chaos Knight? I prefer yours as it seems more unique to the hero, and has enough room to maneuver. (and maybe that's why he says in his own reddit spectre isn't that good).

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                                                                                                the better spidey

                                                                                                  I guess in his build's defense Haunt is a much more powerful ultimate then CK's. But yeah, I find that without Radiance you have very little room for error and are extremely gimped without your ultimate. But hey, he's a Divine 5 player and as far as we know he's playing a totally different game up there.

                                                                                                  Gym 6 days, Rest 1 day

                                                                                                    I've consistently said that Spectre is the strongest hero of almost every patch even though she has never seen the type of cancer of the month pick rate that she had in the 6.86 patch. The kids on this forum usually dismiss me when I do.

                                                                                                    You're living proof of how strong she is.