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    When and who do I get it on?

    Mid or fEEd(buyer)

      U can get it on utility cores like visage, veno, underlord, pretty much offlane heroes

      5:00 PM
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          Crimson guard is a good early-mid game item vs. teams with mostly physical damage. It is especially good vs. Visage, Medusa, BristleBack, Gyro, PL, Luna, and Broodmother since a lot of their early/mid game damage would be completely blocked by Crimson guard active.

          Mr. Poopybutthole

            u can get it on offlane slark


              Who to get it on? Offlane heroes like BristleBack, Underlord, Axe, and Centaur. I would also get it as my first major item as a mid hero vs. cheesy heroes like brood or visage mid or at the very least a casual vanguard. They can't do anything to you when you are blocking 50% of their damage with vanguard/crimson guard or 100% while crimson guard is active.

              Mid or fEEd(buyer)

                Get it on offlane visage, pipe solar crest and crimson on visage is so damn good


                  Brood will eat ur ass before u can afford a crimson, and by the time u get vanguard she will already be doing her dmg with her main hero


                    It depends on the mid hero vs. brood. Sniper, OD, or Invoker? Yeah, you got counter-picked and will need your team to carry you. Leshrac, Lina, maybe DP or SF? You have a chance.


                      Leshrac, Lina, dp, and sf all get dumpstered by mid brood IN LANE, you don't fully understand how strong the hero is that early

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                        Tribo screenshot if u got the big gay


                          this one? oh wait


                            wait I found it


                              mixture of Uberlord, Nyx and Crimson Guard


                                against pl