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General DiscussionHow bad is Sumail?

How bad is Sumail? in General Discussion

    a) Just bad
    b) Incredible bad
    c) Extremely bad
    d) The worst


      not even tier 1 player

      today's active lifestyles

        explosively bad

        today's active lifestyles

          that is, because he has an explosive personality of course!

          Anima vestra

            he is better than you

            Des questions? aucun.


              aucune *
              en francais on accorde


                A bon

                Kala the fish

                  what did sumail suddenly do wrong?

                  Rubick Fanboy

                    Sumail is eg's best tool like he literally always wins his lane

                    Suck my tiny curry dick

                      Extremely bad


                        Very bad and his personality is worst in dota pro scene,ppd second worst.


                          There's a reason he's a pro player which means he's very good at dota. In terms of his personality, he's untrained because he's too arrogant, self-centered and toxic. He has a very "punchable" face because he's too full of himself. That's what you get for not getting proper education or at least finishing high school. No manners for a teenager.

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                          Abyss Watcher

                            Isnt fear worse than sumail? He only plays viper, visage, dp and razor

                            Naughty Bully

                              better than you

                              Rubick Fanboy

                                Sumail isn't good but he isn't worse than ppd tbh, at least impression wise

                                People judge others personality and shit in this scene so much when in fact we rlly don't know these people at all


                                  fear is tier 2


                                    he has passed his prime


                                      If sumail is bad, then what would that make us??? superrrrrr badddd???


                                        He's one of those classic midlaners who like 1v1, for at least until lvl 6 - lvl 8.

                                        Other notable names for that role include: Dendi, S4, Ferrari_430, Super, Kuku, G and few others.

                                        Since the recent metas shifted shifted shifted to 4 being gankers, and mid mostly being 2v2 most of the times, these players started to get neutralized and in some cases, deleted from early game.

                                        Hence most of the players had to change their roles. As offline became new solo and play making role. The ones who didn't change, suffer (sorry, Dendi).

                                        As a player, Sumail is really good. His antics and play style is really terrifying and would shit on you most of the times by dominating the lane.

                                        His Storm, pre-invoke-rework-Invoker, mid Lina, mid Mirana were joy to behold.

                                        His ring of basilius turn on / turn off to make enemy midlaners miss their last hits was ridiculously good.

                                        He's not even 20. Young players who are skilled and understand games better than others tend to get tilted in pubs because other players are not doing stuff they are expected of doing.

                                        Even Ramzes tilts and has an aura of being ignorant. It's just the age.

                                        If that old mid Meta was back, I think Sumail, Dendi, and S4 would dominate again.

                                        Currently, his offlane and mid with offlane heroes is not too bad really. Have never seen him fall off in farm and items that much compared to others.

                                        He is actually really good. May be you are not watching him as unbiased viewer?


                                          e) good

                                          Kusakabe Misuzu

                                            f) better than us toxic

                                            I WUV YOU SHO MUCH ❤

                                              He's not good if you compare him to most pro players we have now.
                                              As time passes, more excellent players emerge and are gathered to compete in pro scene.
                                              I wouldn't say that he's past his prime, he's still so young. Many pro players in their late 20s sustained and played just as good, it's just better players finally show up and take the stage.

                                              Abyss Watcher


                                                Rubick Fanboy

                                                  It's been a rlly long time since I've seen sumail lose lane

                                                  ـMr. PoopyBUGhole

                                                    W8 i thought puppy had the worst personality at least according to envy and misery?or was it someone else!

                                                    Rubick Fanboy

                                                      puppey is just a meme


                                                        rlly? Lol gg sumail


                                                          Puppey is just a man who throws headphones into monitor but not a meme)))


                                                            How bad is sumail god damn! God pls let him get kicked from EG


                                                              why would people kick someone they already understand so much tho,flaws can be worked upon


                                                                Coz reshuffles are normmal for tier 1 teams m8

                                                                Kala the fish

                                                                  ye op dog