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General Discussion??Is every bracket same ??

??Is every bracket same ?? in General Discussion

    Fighting for mid ... Rage quits ... Picking SF invo qop and fighting. For mid ... Picking support last ... Is it only in 2k MMR or it is in every MMR bracket ?


      Not in my games. I first pick support most of the time.

      Why don't you play support so your game would be different from your "bracket".

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        Bevahiour Score 4What?

        Mlada i Luda

          prety much every bracket same shit bro. from 1k to 7k almost same shit. with slightly differences, but in general it is same shit.

          @Tribo, yeah bs it is a more important factor than mmr bracket actually, when it commes on determinating how often or how bad that shit happens. or how the rest of the team react to that shit, cause at some point almost every game will be someone who tilt and does retarded shit.

          new mouse don't judge

            funny how people who abandon games and proceed to chain feed on purpose complain about game quality :-D

            Mlada i Luda

              lul. yeah thats true.


                42% wr says it all

                Mlada i Luda

                  but op has 60 % winrate. with only 10 matches tho. but still ?!!!!!


                    Ten Games is totally not representative of all the brackets in Dota. Most likely you flame and are getting early reports on your account, which will swing your behaviour score.

                    Save me O'lord

                      U think i care?


                        @Spacewarp - Absolutely. I do the same. I hate it when people complain about this type of thing but never consider playing support themselves...

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                          @malda I just tried to play after 6 months ... And in 2 games as soon as you are killed 2 times they abandon the game or there is always a fight for mid

                          Abyss Watcher

                            Well in 5k, i just say "ako mid, tangina niyo lahat" and they let me mid.


                              What does it mean lol


                                ^idk too, but it works.


                                  no one plays 4 and 5.
                                  play 4 and 5.

                                  congrats ! crisis averted.


                                    Below legend medal no one picks pos 4 or 5. Mic is used rarely. Smoke never used. From Ancient and above the 5 positions are respected atleast. But this lack of respect for the 5 positions is because, below legend, players are mostly capable of only playing mid/carry. They just pick what they are good at. This is'nt always the case but most of the time.


                                      I play position 5 in probably 90+ pct of my games. here's how about 25 pct of my games go:

                                      A) I harass, stack camps, pull creeps, call runes and missing lanes and constantly ward
                                      B) Turns out we have an offlane slark, a safelane slardar and a legion commander in mid
                                      C) All three cores are seriously underfarmed by about 15 mins
                                      D) Large team fights start but our cores can't handle their cores
                                      E) Fortunately, all the cores have escape items like blink dagger. Also, I have a force staff and/or glimmer cape and use it to help my cores escape.
                                      F) Unfortunately I have no escape mechanism so my cores escape but I get run down and killed
                                      G) As the game progresses I get killed repeated in base under tier 3/4 towers
                                      H) We lose and I get reported for feeding, going 1/12/8 - the majority of those deaths while in base trying to defend towers

                                      And that's why people don't play support

                                      The thing is the majority of my games *don't* go like this. However, most people can't handle that 1 in 4 game that does go like this so they take the emotionally safe route and just pick a core they like. Even the occasionally negative experience will deter a behavior, even if the majority of times that behavior produces a positive experience.

                                      And that's why people don't play support.


                                        fighting for mids starts from 1.5k and ends at 4.5k


                                          ^ when u get close to 1.5K please start giving us ur insights


                                            1 in 20 games I might get a bad apple. The vast majority of my games are very civil without any team trolling.

                                            Unranked normal skill.

                                            Abyss Watcher

                                              My 2 recent losses were both due to retarded cores who muted everyone cuz they dont want to listen to their team's opinion. Its the same everywhere but becomes less frequent the higher your mmr bracket goes

                                              new mouse don't judge

                                                @Abyss Watcher
                                                Behavior Score 4WHat?


                                                  Well now i can see people's win rate with heros and then decide to support or not xD

                                                  Jewish Santa

                                                    I first pick techies. I don't have to worry about fighting for mid

                                                    5:00 PM

                                                      Supporting is a noble role. Much respect to Grandpa Thad.


                                                        There shouldn’t be a pos 5 below 3k IMO. The cores aren’t efficient enough - there’s plenty of farm to go round and you’re better off being a bit greedy


                                                          Well, it depends on people. I would say I used in my last 100 games maybe 5 reports? Usually people are civilized, fighting over role in 10% games and in most of them they end up going for roll. Lately only some people piss me off - random offlane TA, who is happy to be sitting invis in the lane and sapping XP against solo naix, while their duo support is roaming aroound and raping our mid/safe, techies who has no influence of the game, riki just sitting in my offlane and sapping XP...

                                                          Regarding supports, it is not about inefficiency of cores, it is as well inefficiency of supports - when I end up being carry (rarely, like 2 times in 88 games) or trilaning, usually support doesnt pull, doesnt move properly to trade with carry (eg ruining lane equilibrium), not dewarding blocked camps, so is quite useless. Only around 1/3 people do these things properly. I had a "team", where we killed offlaner twice, I pulled at 2M and at the same time second support stacked big camp, moving around the map efficiently and both of reached 6 at the same time as offlaner. I even got quest for 9 assists in 15 minutes on SD (having 14 minutes in spirit vessel).

                                                          P.S. you can be greedy as a support as well - doublepulling, later on clearing jungle, taking free lane, while some of your core is dead/jungling... But for that you need to ensure you are winning/not losing the game in first 15 minutes and that is not really possible, if enemy has 2 at least decent supports/roamers, while you have only pudge and jungler. Losing towers (and space to farm) harms a lot.

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                                                          new map noob me


                                                            regards, gecko

                                                            new mouse don't judge