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    I play offlane LC quite often, yet i cant find a situation when it would be justified to buy the armlet. Can someone help me to figure it out? Im confused with this item being popular on LC among 5k+ mmr players.

    Im pretty sure u are better off going blade mail if they have a strong rightclicker or skip it and get shadow blade if they dont have a strong rightclicker. So what is the right situation for the armlet?

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      It's pretty much a playstyle thing, I don't think games are won or lost on choices like blademail vs armlet, it is much more important to recognize whether you need to go damage first or initiation first, for example, if you have a team with heavy CC, getting phase boots into armlet/blademail is better than getting a naked blink with phase boots.

      That being said though, armlet makes you extremely strong, especially if you get it early, and it lets you hit buildings much harder than a blademail does (and arguably, with your attack speed, it also makes you deal more damage than blademail would, because the enemy hero doesn't get bonus 140 attack speed in a duel, but you do, so you should keep this in mind).

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        Armlet offers an absurd amount of stats relative to it's price. It's possibly the most cost-effective stat item in the game, (ignoring the super-early game items like Braches and the like,) and if one can utilize the active properly it lets you get away with a lot of shit that you otherwise wouldn't be able to.


          I've never liked to idea of walking around with less than 100% hp all game. And I have slow fingers so I always fail the toggle.

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            Armlet will get a lot better when heroes that deal more heavy right clicks and less magical aids become more popular, tho. In this green hero meta armlet toggling is probably really useless. Still a great stat item though, 65 damage alone is no joke.


              Why sb? Armlet is just rly a strong item if u can actually nullify the -hp(her skill 2 and passive) the same goes to alche. Like u said bm is just better when enemy hit hard but blink+armlet is just better than sb+anything.

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                You get SB as first item either in low MMR, or in games when you would want a blink but you still want at least some dmg/attack speed for 550 more gold. In general, you want blink even if you have a sb, so you can use the sb to get around observer wards, and then blink onto the target from fog. Most people get both in a game where they do a lot of ganking, but if you had to choose, blink is vastly superior against high ground and it lets you more easily connect to your team's CC, rather than having to walk towards an already initiated on target.

                Oh and one more thing, armlet is kinda shit when the enemy has a lot of disables and you are in no position to get a bkb quickly but have to teamfight and initiate (this is really not an ideal scenario and you want to avoid this, think about it in the picking phase). In that case, blademail is better than armlet most of the time, since being disabled with an armlet is kind of a problem for a hero that rightclicks its way to sustain.

                An ideal game is the one where you get your phase/treads blink and bm/armlet and just kill everyone and push high ground with aegis on you or your carry/mid depending on who the best carrier is.

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                oof ow ouchie

                  armlet is better early
                  in the early game heroes dont hit hard

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                    ^still though there's the effect of "good enough". Whether you get 65 dmg and 25 attack speed from armlet to kill people in duels or get 21 dmg from blademail + return, if your target dies in the duel, it might not even matter in the end. Both items are good to make it more likely for you to win duels. If you're very close to being able to kill someone on your own, but not quite there, getting an early medallion can be great, since most heroes will have shit armor, and it's the highest DPS upgrade you can get for 1200 gold in most cases. Getting solo kill potential on the enemy carry for 1200 gold is actually amazing and works particularly well against low armor heroes.

                    But this isn't something you want to do, it's something you might be forced into. Ideally you want to build either something that scales well or makes you hit buildings better, and medallion isn't an item that fits this description. Mana regen is kinda nice tho and it helps you farm ancients much faster for 1200 gold, so it is not really a bad item overall, it is just that you'd wish you had more expensive and more useful items. If you are facing agi carries (or heavy +armor heroes like sven and dk) that -7 armor is likely to fall out of relevance pretty fast, where blademail can still be pretty effective even after the rework.

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                    Kaptain KKona

                      Get some macro software and make a single button that preps you for a blink duel by triggering 2 item slots (Bm and armlet) and double taps W and boom you can look like you have god like reactions.

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                        ^or you can just make a hotkey that self-casts PTA, use quick cast for blink, for a potential linkens breaker, and use quick cast for duel

                        Suddenly your duel looks like:
                        Press space (PTA)
                        Press 1 (bm)
                        Press 2 (blink quickcast)
                        Press 3 (armlet/linkens breaker)
                        Press 4 (duel quickcast)

                        Or you could just do this:
                        Press space (PTA)
                        Press R (activate blademail, quickcast blink at the location, use armlet or linkens breaker with quickcast, then quickcast duel)

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                        Kaptain KKona

                          might work.

                          i have tried some for Brew.
                          i have a single macro that selects Earth bear and cast Q. same for Storm and Cyclone. also visage birds with stun.

                          its only two commands but can help with a big team fight . only practiced it in Overthrow.

                          The LC duel prep shit is legit tho for sure


                            phase blink armlet
                            then shadow blade or blademail or ac or bkb what u need most


                              It has insane stats and the negative effect is sorted by W.

                              Also, it helps manfight without ulti. LC is auite squishy, when enemies have higher levels. For 2500 gold you have nit just dmg, but as well 500hp.

                              When i used to play LC he felt squishy. This solves problemy, as even if there is reaction to duel (tps, blinks) you dont lose duels, as you have suddenly extra 500hp and with W and toggle you have better chance running away again.

                              And attack speed and dmg is good as well - simply 50% higher dmg.

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                                I stoped reading at "LC is quite squishy"


                                  get iron talon XD farm till they end


                                    i never go blademail with lc.

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                                      blademail only versus heavy damage dealers, like PA or Sven, armlet versus any magic casters, supports. Seems obvious


                                        I' buy armlet when my job is to take down a single backline hero who does not deal rightclick dmg, sth like pugna or necro and my team cant deal with him in another way
                                        Sometimes my team puts me into position 1 on legion. Imagining my team falling behind in such a game I'd go treads armlet maybe, but not always