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Demon Bat

    Any advice? I dont believe with my teammate hard carry after all...

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      Bloodseeker and Broodmother.

      as salty as me pops pool

        meepo ta sf


          Drow is the answer.

          dota in 2017 🤔

            any deathball hero

            carpe diem

              SHADOW FIEND


                broodmother and meepo are the fastest

                Comcast did 9/11

                  meepo for sure, ta if you dont meepo

                  I'M DONE.

                    undying, dazzle, furion, lycan, draw 5 man mid.

                    Potato Marshal

                      Clinkz can solo kill heroes and take towers relatively early in the game.

                      Thunder god Allah


                        Savior And Prophecy

                          Try destroy enemy ancient



                            Abyss Watcher

                              Invoker, you'll get aghs usually on 13-17 mins.


                                Medusa, needs no farm, ready to fight after 10 mins of farming the lane

                                Demon Bat

                                  5 man mid XD