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    This thread will serve as a mmr gaining/boosting guide, all of the homework will be in the first post below this

    I was going to release it on reddit a month ago but i just ended up deleting the file as my students either gave up or just didnt play much so it ended up takimg forever

    I'm just reserving some posts while i write it out

    It's gonna be a long-ass guide, so expect an insane wall of text.

    There will be no tl;dr

    Its gonna take a long while to write, so check here later for updates.

    everything and anything can change(most likely it'll just be an addition to the end), and i'll only do serious updates/changes to some parts if higher mmr players than me(6k+ players only) have more efficient/easier ways to do these things.

    i played waay more games in 0-4k smurfing/boosting than i've played in 4-6k at my own brackets/accounts

    a note for practice:

    all ingame training should be done in solo ranked at your main account (if you're a smurfer(this tip goes for everyone)), excluding obviously the lobby training and replay analysis, but that will be noted.
    as simply enough humans will tend to under-perform when there's nothing on the line, that's just our nature.
    i'm not gonna allow that, it's up to you to play your best when your MMR is on the line.
    it's up to you on how good/bad you deal with the stress of winning/losing mmr.

    you will not learn to accept losing mmr nor will you learn to grind mmr if you play party and/or unranked for training.

    Part 0: pre-requirements

    One of the first things i notice at the super low brackets, 0 to 2k, is that they have no mechanical knowledge. They don't know the basic interactions like how aggro works, what heroes abilities do, roshan timers, gold and exp mechanics etc.

    This guide will focus primatily on the core role

    More specifically position 1 and 2.

    Theres cores and supports, cores are position 1-3, supports are position 4 and 5.

    Core means it needs and works well with farm/items while supports are selfless helpers.

    The position system is simpler, all that it says is who gets the highest priority to farm, and kills if possible.

    So position 1 gets the highest right to farm, while position 5 only gets a wave/camp no one is going to farm that wave/camp.

    Examples of pos 1: antimage, terrorblade.

    Examples of pos 2: invoker, ember.

    Example of pos 3: clockwerk, sandking.

    Example of pos 4: mirana, monkey king.

    Example of pos 5: crystal maiden, lion.

    Now, why do you need to know this?

    In lower brackets people have 2 big issues

    1. They dont play by the position 1-5 system so it's easy to exploit

    2. They don't farm and fight using that system so they end up running in circles instead.

    We'll talk about exploiting these weaknesses later.

    For now, you only need to understand the system and learn all the mechanics.

    You can learn all of them from the dota 2 wiki:

    the link above shows a list of all mechanics, do NOT just read trough all of them; rather open up an empty lobby/ demo game and test and learn them 1 by 1.

    The most important ones are: hero abilities and mechancs behind those abilities, aggro mechanics, exp and gold mechanics, creep gold, resistaces mechanics.

    Not that other mechanics arent important, it's just that youre gonns need to know these specific oned likt the back of your hand

    And gold on map every 1-2 minutes(calculate this one by yourself using the formulad from the wiki).

    Youre going to also need a fair amount of matches.

    At least 1k matches, you can technically get away with less but youre gonna need to be study those mechanics on the wiki like its an exam in a week.

    That being said, theres ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that any of this will benefit you if you don't learn all the mechanics and pretty much memorize the important ones like it's a poem.
    You will not understand the advanced topics at all, even if you think you do, and you will NOT be able to execute them BEFORE learning the mechanics.

    This is a MUST and can not be skipped, if you do not feel like putting in the work then this is not a guidw for you, this guide is not easy and will require a lot more harder work down the line to understand and execute the advanced stuff.

    But what i can guarantee you is that my guides provide results hard and fast.

    this is from my old coaching services

    there's a lot from my crystal maiden guide, you should check it out. It's way shorter than this guide and gives 300-500 mmr pretty much instantly

    there's more but i don't feel like digging trough, there will probably be reviews on this post on dotabuff, if you're viewing this from somewhere else, click here to read them and feel free to ask questions on dotabuff.

    Part 0.5: mentality

    be warned: they call me the Gordon Ramsay of dotabuff, if i see bullshit i will be glad to call it out.

    back when i started to actually play dota, which was about in late 2013, i played with a friend his name was "xdk" as his steam name or "ROBOCOP3D" as his garena name. before dota in 2011-2012 we played WC3 and had a lot of fun together, if i recall my first match of dota1 was as enigma and i can't even remember when, it was pretty bad though; i loaded into a match, i pick enigma because he looked cool, then i proceeded to feed the neutrals a couple of deaths, then the host kicks me and bans me off the host bot XD

    i played like 20 matches of dota1, i really didn't like the shop as i'd waste 5 minutes trying to finish boots.

    later in 2013 we started playing dota2 as i really enjoyed the new shop. Yes, i started playing dota2 because i couldn't stand dota1 shop.

    so we played for about a year or so to like 2014 when he quit dota because his parents wouldn't let him anymore.

    after that i was left sad and alone, i did quit dota for a couple of months to play minecraft, but i just kept returning.

    so what happened is during that time it was a cancerous sniper/riki meta and back when we played he used to play support for us and we'd win most matches and we'd have a lot of fun. but after he stopped playing, i was abandoned in low 2k/high 1k mmr by myself to play every match in what i call ''nightmare mode'', every single match would have a 20/0 riki and shadowblade heroes roaming and killing everyone

    the games were really unplayable for me, no one would buy wards and i couldn't do a lot by myself, i was a noob and i do admit that.

    so, why am i talking about this; this is when i chose to start grinding up, because i saw a high mmr game and i saw how many wards they have, how co-ordinated they are, that's what i needed to start enjoying dota. BECAUSE I KNEW IS THAT THE ONLY WAY I'LL EVER ENJOY DOTA IS IF I GET AS FAR AWAY FROM THESE IDIOTS AT LOW BRACKETS AS POSSIBLE.

    so i started analysing a lot of replays and trying to learn as much as i could, it took me about 1.5 years to go from high 1k to low 5k.

    i stopped trying to improve at 5k as i just feel like these matches most of the time are enjoyable compared to the trigger fest that is low mmr.

    so if there's anything that should be fueling your desire to go for high mmr it's the fact that there's way more enjoyable matches.

    Another thing that i noticed from watching high mmr games is the fact that you simply don't need a team to win a game. On average if you play better than everyone else your mmr will improve.

    what we're trying to do here isn't improve our MMR, we're trying to improve our skill.

    i live by the moto ''if you get better at the game then mmr will come by itself"

    it's because back when i objectively compared my own gameplay to a gameplay of a 6k+ player, i was doing almost nothing compared to them. most of the time i was running around in circles and feeding, while most of the time they were farming, pushing and ganking.

    What i also noticed is that every click they do, every action they do has a purpose. they weren't just moving left/right for no reason in lane, i noticed the enemy did almost the same

    when they'd go for a kill, they'd either prepare the enemy for the kill or they'd instantly jump behind trees giving them almost no reaction time.

    my analysis method was simple: ''figure out what they're thinking"

    if i could simply understand what are they thinking and what's the reasoning behind that thinking then it won't be an issue for me to copy/paste it. dota isn't a very fast game, and even teamfights that look split second fast they'd always do the same combos giving me a hint that you don't need fast reaction speeds(which was actually correct, i'll talk about that later in the predicting segment).

    now that's just a little bit of a motivational speach, now let's get back to actually learning dota.

    here's what i taken out of my own grinding experience:
    1. you don't need a team to win the game, as long as the game is possible to be controlled, you can win almost any game

    what i mean with that is simply enough, boosters land at least 85-95% winrate in low brackets just simply that in the games you think are ''unwinnable'' they'll be able to stomp them like it's a free win because their skill is enough to turn everything around.

    imagine in a game where you missed 20 lasthits in a lane because you weren't good at lasthitting where a 7k player would not just get those +20 lasthits but even get extra +20 from the sidecamp, now he turns that into an item.

    in that same game where you got ganked at 15 minutes, he'd have 1-2 more items and he turned that gank around. so instead at 20 minutes them taking all your towers, with all that turn around gold that the enemy lost because he managed to outplay them he is now taking the enemies towers at 20 minutes and ending the game.

    small things will easily pile up, you can't affect your teammates skill; but what you can do is compensate for their lack of skill.

    that's why boosters have up to 95% winrate 0-5k using various methods that improve their chance to win. having teamplay is nice, but relying on a low MMR team to execute something properly should be your dead last option.

    it's simple, you can check out my walls of won games in lower brackets, it's simple to the fact that low mmr players are just bad and have no idea, just because you think a game is un-winnable doesn't mean that if you were to put me or some other booster into there that we wouldn't trash that shit like it was our second nature. low mmr players send me lots games where they say it's ''unwinnable'' and ask me to review them, i just end up flaming them hard on how badly they did and how hard i would've won that match.

    example of my last smurf:

    there's a lot more talented smurfers/boosters than me, people like bipdongoe or vaxa can go for 200+ winstreaks without problems in low mmr accounts.

    there's no difference between the teammates of what a 6k gets in a 1k match nor what a 1k gets in a 1k match.
    2. low mmr players don't know what they're doing nor why they're doing it, they're only blindly following the button presses of a pro/high player, this is extreeemly exploitable once you know what you're doing.
    what they'd do is just watch some arteezy or miracle game, without trying to understand anything, they walk into the midlane calling for antimage mid. they pick antimage and then proceed to feed 0/10 and then they just start flaming their team for no wards and shit.

    the reason for this is not that the build is bad, nor that it's their teammates, it's the fact that they ONLY took the item/skill build from it without any other information.

    they'd just copy/paste the skill build and pretend they're miracle ending up 0/10 in 10 minutes, but miracle would be 10/0 in 5 minutes in that same match.

    what's loveley about this is that it isn't just 1 player doing this, IT'S EVERY PLAYER IN LOW MMR.

    where do you think the meta for low mmr comes from? do you think they're smart enough to make their own?

    hell no, they have no idea what dota is and you'd expect them to know what to do?

    it just gets passed down from high mmr.

    3. mute everyone who doesn't have anything useful to the game, keep communication only for the useful stuff or don't communicate at all.
    this one is simple, you don't need communication in low brackets, the stupid shit i hear people suggest like ganking shrines or going fighting at enemy t2 without abilities or asking for ganks that will result in you both dying etc.

    it can create bad habbits to listen to idiots, quick reminder they're the same mmr as you, they DON'T KNOW ANYTHING MORE THAN YOU SO DON'T LISTEN TO THEM JUST BECAUSE THEY SOUND CONFIDENT OR ARE SCREAMING LIKE A BABY. mute them INSTANTLY and play your own game, thank me later.

    in fact muting them will make the game harder and lets you practice your solo skills even more efficiently, which is a giant plus.

    now, during the first hero learning phases you're forced by me to mute everyone for the first 100 games on that hero, after that you can start talking to them BUT ONLY TO A MINIMUM GIVING ONLY USEFUL INFORMATION.

    flaming is a waste of time, you can spend that 1 minute to tell your teammate how god awful he is and why he should kill himself OR you can spend that 1 minute farming/ganking/pushing and actually guaranteeing you a win.

    if you hate someone, just mute him and don't interact with him at all.

    4. humans are just repetitive animals, if someone does something he'll almost guaranteed do it again.

    when you need instant analysis, this is the easiest way to do it, i'll talk about this later in the predicting/analysis part.

    example: if a guy ganks you on midlane once, he'll probably do it again, not because he knows you need to be ganked, it's because he saw that he can kill you once so he'll do it again. you can use this to your advantage to either bait them or just avoid them.

    now, this will become less frequent at the higher brackets as players will start to know more things, but all that this changes for the majority of players is that their list of things they repeat just becomes larger.

    5. dota is a super slow game, it is not an FPS game where you need split second reactions to shoot someone behind a corner.
    i almost don't react at all to shit, i'm blind as fuck, i have tripple vision.

    what i do is i'd predict what's gonna happen ahead of time, i'll talk about this later.

    i'm not saying you don't need reactions for dota, but what i'm saying is the overall ''game'' is SLOW and is mostly comprised of strategy.

    for example CSGO has very little strategy and is 90% just your ability to position your mouse and react to a gunfire fast.

    while in dota you only really need reactions during teamfights/ganks/kills, and even then with slow reactions 80% of the time you can predict what's gonna happen ahead of time(will talk about this in the prediction part).

    so what im saying is, necessary teamfights will happen 1 in 10 minutes at low brackets, almost every fight in low brackets is avoidable and should be avoided(will talk about this in teamfighting part). so that means you have 9 out of those 10 minutes to do everything else which is pretty much all strategy related.

    6. instapick your heroes while learning them(first 50-100 matches), let your enemies counter you and mute all your teammates.

    it's simple, we're trying to increase the difficulty and efficiency of learning these heroes, this is simply the most efficient way out there, no doubt about it.

    if you let your enemy coutner you, you'll learn to play against your counters early and then later on when someone tries to counter you you'll be able to easily destroy them.

    for example, for me RIKI is the best SAND KING counter, but because i trained by instapicking UNLESS that riki is a riki spammer, he will have almost no advantage against me as i know how to simply play against that hero.

    same with abed meepo, he just stomps no matter what you pick against him.

    7. if you lose a match that wasn't either someone INTENTIONALLY feeding/ruining the game then it's YOUR FAULT and you did something wrong and you have to FIND YOUR MISTAKE AND FIX IT.

    if you like to admit it or not, boosters win almost all games in low brackets, no matter how bad your teammates are you can still win if you're good. this game would never have a booster/smurfer issue if for the fact that a competent player can EASILY trash low players. there is no difference between servers, there's boosters in every region and every country.

    now there are mathces which are actually unwinable where even a 6k cant win in a 2k match, those matches come very rarely where your team is just feeding too hard and the enemy is already going highground at 20 minutes and you've lost your lane because dual lane counters.

    so what i'm saying is, if a match goes over 35 minutes it is winnable, and a lot of sub 25 minute matches are winnable with really good execution or a different pick.

    by you flaming them you're only admitting to yourself that you're trash and that you're not good enough to win for them, not that they're trash.

    your teammates are bad, don't waste time blaming them, there's no point in yelling at a wall that it's made of bricks. they're bad, you don't need them to win a game. it's nice to have at least 1-2 guys who will co-operate and will try to win, but you don't need that. i'll teach teamplay only after you've learned 1v9.

    a theoretically perfect player will be able to win at least 98% of his matches no matter how hard the game is.

    i'm not theoretically perfect nor am i even close to it, but in 0-5k mmr i can land up to 95% winrate if i were to tryhard my hardest.

    my highest winstreak was 81 back when i used to play alche only on a 2k account(2k to 4k boost/smurf), and i've tried to break it recently but i failed at 63

    so, what i'm talking about is: if you want to get high mmr, you better prepare to work your dick off, because winstreaks like these don't come for free:

    i'll guarantee that you'll be getting these like everyone who does my guides

    if you try hard enough you'll be grinding up at a reasonably fast pace(65-75% winrate) using this guide, meaning if you were to play 100 matches at 65% winrate, you'd win 65 and lose 35

    meaning you'd gain 30*25 MMR which is about 750 MMR.

    do not be afraid of negative results in the beggining, a lot of people just stop trying after a couple losses.

    this comes from them having opposite playstyles and it becomes hard for them to learn these topics, half the people who learn my guides either instantly start winning if they already have a similar playstyle or can adapt fast, or have to adapt. to get those instant winstreaks you're gonna first need to do all of that homework that i'll give you in the rest of this.

    and the homework can and will produce negative results in the beginning, it is not easy, especially during the hero spam training phase where you'll be forced to mute everyone for the first 100 games on a core hero of your choice. but more about that later.

    you're not going to learn anything from this guide if you don't practice EVERYTHING I TELL YOU. This guide require you to understand all these topics to the deepest so that execution of it becomes natural and fast, not forced and slow.

    it's like riding a bike, at first you'll be falling off even with training wheels, but 1 year down the line you'll be riding the bike without hands or feet.

    Now, there is a special group of flowers which i call ''unmovable rocks'', if you're one then there's no hope for you, don't bother reading this, your mmr won't improve.

    so what are ''unmovable rocks''? it's a group of morons who have a LOT of matches, like 3k+ matches and only 0-3k mmr and they ARE CONVINCED it's not them but it's their team.

    they'll use their high amount of matches as an excuse on why they should be trusted, do NOT listen to them, if someone can't handle evidence of all the mmr i've grinned or other boosters to show that you can actually go up then there's no hope for them.

    if you are an unmovable rock like that, don't bother posting your opinion about why "dota is a 5v5 game, you can't win solo" and "this is a bunch of nonsense" onto this thread, no god can't help you get out of your mmr and you NEVER WILL. The only trench that exists is the one that you dig up, in your mind. the rest of us will enjoy our +25's

    now that being said, there's nothing wrong with being 2k mmr after 3k matches if you're just playing casually, and if you are then you're probably not reading this guide, as you don't care about mmr, i have tons of friends like that who only just play for fun. and even i started playing only for fun after i've reached 5k mmr. As i simply just enjoy my skill. since then i've been only just helping lower mmr players reach higher mmr and have more enjoyable games or if they're competitive, give them that push in the right direction.

    there were a lot of people who even surpassed me by using my guidance.

    last, but not least, here's a quote i found on reddit that sums up this segment here pretty well:

    So many people get triggered over 25 MMR. They don't realize that teammates feeding doesn't affect your skill at all. A player who gains 25 MMR from feeding does not get better at the game; the system will eventually get that MMR back from them. A player who loses 25 MMR from feeding does not get worse at the game; the system will eventually give them that MMR back. But most people only care about MMR, and are subsequently unable to realize this.

    Part 1: Choosing a hero

    Now with all the motivational stuff behind us, let's actually start talking about the guide itself, we're going to start off by picking you a position 1 carry as your first hero. It's time to learn to spam a hero!

    AS you were warned:

    - you have to instapick that hero.
    - you have to play that hero multiple matches in a row(100+).
    - only if he's banned you can play something else.

    now, a lot of people don't like this part as it's not fun at all to just instapick some hero for 100+ games, they'd go insane doing it. If you are like that, you can take up additional 2 backup heroes to switch between those 3, but all you're gonna do is just add yourself 2x more homework for the same results. What i'd recommend is first learn 1 hero, then after milking that hero for a +500 to +1000 mmr increase, so when it stops giving you mmr then you add a new hero to your pool.

    now, you will not be picking just ANY position 1 carry, we need something specific:
    - has to be high in meta.
    - has to be a fast farmer/pusher carry.

    to find a hero that is high in meta simply go to dotabuff>heroes>meta. now sort it by pickrate in 5k+.

    but you're asking yourself, "hey i'm not 5k+ i'm 1k, what good does this do me?"

    it's simple, like i've said, the low mmr META is a bad blind copy/paste of the actual high MMR meta, we do not want to be creating bad habits and picking something retarded like LEGION COMMANDER JUNGLE, something that that works in low mmr as people can't farm nor try to gank or punish lanes. But in a 5k++ avg match it would lose you most matches, no matter how good you are, because the enemy supports would freely rotate around the map and destroy your lanes leaving you with a weak laning phase, so at that 9-10 minutes when you get your shadowblade your lanes would be so lost that it'll be almost impossible to get a gank off, and even if you do, the gold difference will instantly be starting to get pushed and they'll take your towers, grouping as 5 and making it even more impossible for you to get duel damage as your team has no gold and now needs to farm, and you cant gank without your teammates.

    so what would be a good pick: terrorblade, juggernaut.

    terrorblade has illusions and naturally pushes really fast AND has amazing farm speed with illusions while juggernaut has amazing stats for pushing lanes and has a really reliable free kill ultimate.

    a bad pick would be: ursa, lifestealer.

    both of these heroes are just single target damage dealers, their farming speed is almost nothing and ursa almost can't take towers at all by himself because of how slowly he pushes. neither of them can clear waves fast.

    now what hero you take is up to you and the patch you're reading this in, just make sure it's in top 60 in pickrates and you're fine, their winrate doesn't matter as much. example jugger has 47% winrate currently(patch 7.05) and is pretty much one of the top 3 carries in this meta while lycan has 53% and is dogshit.
    now that being said, it's not impossible to do it with lycan, nor is jugger a free win completely, but we're looking at giving ourself as much advantage as we need.

    i've given you free choice of picking whatever hero you want, you can either pick something you like so you don't get easily bored spamming, or you can pick a top hero like terror/jugger/troll right now, as long as it's following the rules of: needs to be in meta and needs to have good farming and pushing capabilities.

    Part 2: Lobby practice and hero preparations.

    now that you've picked your hero of choice, it's time to not just simply spam him, but to make him your second nature; make him a part of your body.

    for that we're going to start doing some practice, all of the practice/homework will be in the first post below as mentioned, here i'll be explaining why/how to do it.

    the challenges i've posted below are not easy, they're made to be done all at least 5 times.

    now, a lot of people will hate doing these as they will just rub them off as ''unnecessary'' or ''not realistic''.

    these challenges come back from when i was analyzing games and improving myself, what i realized is that every high player plays differently even if they play the same hero at the same mmr, but what they do have is some aspects that are better/worse than the other guy. the best way to learn these aspects of dota is to simply CUT THEM OFF from the rest of the game and train them individually, then using them and fitting them into your playstyle becomes super easy.

    it's like basketball practice, you don't just spend all of your time playing a real football match against another team, you spend your time doing ''drills'' aka you train shooting, passing, running around with the ball etc.

    as it is simply INEFFICIENT to play a whole game of dota to only practice a single segment, let's say you're bad at lasthitting, if you wanted to practice lasthitting in a real game you'll do it for the first 10 minutes, then you're going to have to waste another 40-50 minutes on the rest of the game which won't help you with lasthitting at all. INSTEAD what you can do is spend that 1 hour on playing 6 10 minute lobbies and improve your skill waaay faster, but you say ''hey there's no opponent'', that doesn't matter, after you learn simple solo 1v0 lasthitting you'll go into 1v1 queue and spend time training 1v1 laning and so forth, you can even get friends and practice with them 1v2.

    like i've said, if you improve then mmr comes by itself. and we're looking at the most efficient improvement methods here only, you can play 10 games with 1 hour on each to spend 10 hours playing to only learn lasthitting, or you can spend 100 minutes playing 10 lobbies then play 8 games.

    what's the difference between 1st and 2nd thing, well 1st option is that you're learning something that you can learn in lobbies during matches which will reduce your match efficiency meaning you're either gonna lose mmr or break even +-25 while if you take that 2nd option where you have already improved and you can focus on other aspects of laning while lasthitting

    so 1st option you're struggling to lasthit while in a game and you'll get easily killed

    while in 2nd option you can now lasthit somewhat efficiently and you don't need to use your brain to do it, your brain does it by itself. meaning you can now focus on dota and in the same match, instead of getting killed you can now get kills, now with that EXTRA gold you're getting from lasthitting and those kills you will snowball in a match that you would've lost using the 1st option.

    small things like lasthitting pile up easily and can mean a difference between a rampage and a feedfest.

    now, i'm not gonna do any more of these motivational ''why you should do all these exercises like told'' messages, as simply if you care about your mmr you'll do all of them multiple times and they WILL produce results by themselves, all of them are tested not just on me but also on my students that i've coached.

    Now, let's begin with the challenges, first what i'd recommend to do is go to demo mode and spawn in some creeps

    you can use these cheats to spawn in some creeps:

    -createhero npc_dota_creep_badguys_melee enemy
    -createhero npc_dota_creep_badguys_ranged enemy
    -createhero npc_dota_creep_goodguys_melee
    -createhero npc_dota_creep_goodguys_ranged

    you can find a full list of console commands and cheats on the wiki:

    so why do you wanna do this? simple, you create a creep and hit it with your hero, get a feel of how much damage the hero does, this will help you a lot with the first challenges which are just purely lasthitting.

    now for the slower ones who haven't read all the mechanics from the wiki, challenges in part 1:challenges 1(easy) and 2(easy) and 3(advanced) are purely mechanical

    in 10 minutes starting from 00:00 spawn and ending at 09:30 spawn there's a total of 20 waves, that means 60 melee creeps and 20 ranged creeps, but ALSO 2 catapults spawning every 3.5 minutes starting at minute 3, so one at 3:00 and 6:30, that means there's 82 creeps in a lane for the first 10 minutes.

    if you're going to count in the wave that also spawns at 10:00 it also has a catapult so that makes it a total of 87 creeps AKA 21 creepwaves of 4 creeps each and those 3 catapults.

    now, challenges 3(easy) and 1(advanced) clearly require more creeps than a lane has, a lane in 10 minutes will only produce 82 creeps if you miss none, so that means you have to get those extra creeps from somewhere else(hint: the side camps), obviously this requires planning as not many heroes can simply run into a sidecamp and take it, so try to figure out the most efficient way and time to do this with your hero that doesn't burn all of your HP nor makes you lose lasthits in lane or at worst only lose 1.

    challenges 4(easy) and 2(advanced) are a combination of the previous ones above, every single carry can do the easy version, not all can do the advanced version but if the carry has some kind of built in farming mechanism he will be able to do it. ex terrorblade, antimage, luna.

    the easy version can be done with basic itemization and good farming patterns, the advanced version requires spot on farming patterns and planning.

    you're not going to do these 2 challenges without a good calculation of how much gold/exp creeps give and which camps/waves to prioritize and when, so feel free to go to the wiki and start calculating creep gold/exp, neutral gold/exp.


    thanks to @preakzon for the help!

    p.s if you're doing this challenge as MEEPO, you're gonna have to do at least 850, i've done almost 1k last hits with meepo, the hero can simply farm the whole map without problems.

    the point of these challenges is to simply get your mechanical and planning skill up, your ability to win a game depends on how fast you can win it.

    wait, doesn't that sound confusing, win a game by winning it faster?

    it's simple, imagine 2 scenarios, 1 scenario you have no items at 16 minutes and you're now forced to farm your jungle without any wards as antimage

    enemy has a legion commander, riki, pudge etc. they will just walk into your jungle and keep killing you, now they delay your bfury to 25 minutes

    in the 2nd scenario you have treads pms bfury vladmimirs at 16 minutes in the same game, now when that ganker comes into your jungle you now kill him.

    now in scenario 1, if your support or something did come and help you kill instead of get killed you won't be able to punish that mistake by taking a tower.

    while in scenario 2, even without a teammate to save you you'll kill the opponent and you'll have full HP to just run into that tower and take it by yourself

    now you start snowballing and taking more and more farm, faster and faster and taking more and more kills easier and easier because of your farm allowing you to pressure the enemies to whatever mistake they make.

    the difference between scenario 1 is if your support saves you you get 20: minute bfury, if he doesn't you get 25 minute bfury and then you need to farm another 25 minutes to just catch up.

    while in scenario 2 at 20 minutes you'll have manta done and at 25 minutes you would've taken all t1/t2 towers on the map and roshan and you would've had butterfly and basher then.

    scenario 1 you have a 6k networth at minute 25, scenario 2 you have another 20k+ networth on top of that.

    DO NOT MAKE STUPID MISTAKES LIKE ''oh i missed a creep here'' or ''oh i skipped over this camp'' ''it doesn't matter 100g won't change anything'', you can easily snowball with any advantage, so do not let any advantage slip by you, if you have any issues with lasthititng/farming you're gonna have to re-do all of these challenges over again till you are efficient at them(do all of them AT LEAST 5 TIMES)

    aka if your gpm is anywhere below 700 avg in low mmr as a carry, then you've got a big problem that needs to be addressed as soon as humanly possible.

    now let's say you've finished all your farming practice and you've done most of these challenges with that hero you picked if they were possible to be done with that hero.

    Now, as we are begging to spam the hero, it's time to go to the wiki and learn the hero even harder

    simply knowing the hero isn't enough, we're trying to master him COMPLETELY

    for that we need to learn ALL the extra mechanics and bugs the hero and his abilities have

    so let's say we picked antimage, now let's go over to antimage's wiki and look at him:

    examples what we can learn here is extra things like: The damage dealt by Mana Break cannot crit or cleave and cannot be increased by attack damage increasing effects like Empower or the Double Damage Rune
    However, its damage is affected by attack damage reducing effects like Enfeeble or Static Link

    or that Blink Cannot be cast while rooted.

    so that when we run into a treant protector in our games, we'll know that we need to save our manta for when he uses his ultimate to remove the root instead of popping it instantly and us getting killed.

    but you also need to learn that hero's bugs:

    some heroes won't have many bugs like antimage, but something like arc warden is pretty much bug incarnate:

    you can find more bugs for any hero at the dota 2 dev forum, or even submit your own if there are some unknown:

    simply enough that when we play that picked hero, we want to do a play, something stupid like not knowing mechanics or bugs won't prevent us from losing

    example of OD's astral disabling your tab button, i didn't know about this bug when OD cast it onto my tempest double so i walked into the enemy team with my main hero and fed them my advantage and they just won the game because of that. i kept on pressing tab to get control of my hero but i couldn't cancel the movement command so i ended up dying since i didn't know the bug.

    now, the next thing what you should also do is calculate your average damage on that hero with various items/levels, co-responding to realistic ingame scenarios using the demo mode.

    now let's say you take some X hero and calculate your dps to be at 500 with some certain item/skill combo, or your nuke combo does 2000 damage in 4 seconds

    first of all what yo ushould do to not have to remember all those numbers is simply enough cut the overall damage to divisions of 250

    why? simple, you see your HP bar? each one of those smaller lines represents a set of 250 HP, and if you have 4 of those lines it adds in another big line which represents a set of 4x250= 1000

    so if i were to look at this beautiful crystal maiden with her beautiful set:

    what i can instantly notice is she has 1 big bar, which means 4x250 and one extra small bar which means another 250, and a little bit of a new bar

    which should put her at 1250 + a little bit extra

    and if we look here:

    that is pretty much what she has, 1320 HP

    so that means our 2000 damage combo, or 500 dps combo over 4 seconds would defintely guarantee us a kill on this CM

    this step is necessary, all of these preparations are, make sure to do all of them!

    p.s don't forget to count in the magical resistance, if your magical ability does 100 damage, almost every hero has 25% base magical resistance, meaning your ability will do (100 - 25%) = 75 damage

    now, for realistic purposes i usually take a 10-20% error, simply to not have to count in teammates saving them or them suddenly getting a new item, me messing up my combo, them running away before i could do the full combo etc.

    simply enough, better say our 2000 damage combo does 1800 damage after reductions than having our enemy run away or kill us with 100 hp.

    now, don't forget to take into consideration autoattacks, especially at low levels as they're pretty much your main damage source during the laning stage.

    armor is different as different heroes have different starting armors and armor gains over time with agility or items that give agility or armor

    but it is always safe to say 1 armor always gives you the same resistance(6% ehp) if you feel like doing the extra work to calculate with more armor.

    now these calculations will only matter during the early and mid game stages, as simply enough when you do use them to get as many kills as you like, once you do start snowballing it won't matter; it doesn't matter how much DPS you do when you have 2-3 more items than the enemy, because you're snowballing you'll kill them regardless of what happens.

    For the final part of our hero prep, we're going to need to analyse some high mmr replays, for now it's good enough to do simple analysis to just watch for what they do( what lane, which items, what skills, what they do at times etc.) just the simple things.

    for that we'll go over to either dotabuff>heroes> find your hero> now to the guides and/or the hero rankings page

    you can also use opendota's hero rankings as well to find high ranking(6k+ only) hero spammers and download their replays into dota 2 and do some simple analysis.

    i will talk about advanced analysis when we get to that part, but for now, some simple analysis is good enough to just get into the hero to know what he does and what he should do

    p.s play by the standard build, if a 6k does pms>qb>ring of health> treads>bfury on antimage, you're not gonna go brown boots into bfury, you're gonna copy him as he does it

    because simply enough, those players already did the hard work of figuring out the most advanced and most efficient builds for you, so for now just take them as granted, we'll talk about advanced builds later.

    there's no reason to re-invent the car when you don't even know how a wheel works, not to mention an engine.



    Now that you're done with all the annoying preparation, it's time to start talking about the gameplay itself.

    Part 3: The first 5 minutes.

    The laning phase is Really important, your ability to lane for the first couple of minutes will set the tempo of the rest of the game, this part has to be mastered beyond every other part of the game.

    from now on i'm gonna take antimage as an hero example for everything and we'll keep doing analysis on him, this doesn't mean you've chosen antimage or have to chose him, for the simplicity of having an example i'll use him because giving examples for every single hero would make this guide so long that my fingers would fall off before i'd finish writing it.

    so why is the first couple of minutes important to the temp of the game?

    we'll imagine 5 scenarios on how good/bad the game will go to show the results of a good/bad laning stage:

    scenario 1: you are against a super strong lane and you get killed a couple of times at the start and now can't even access the creepwave

    in this scenario what would happen to most low mmr players is that they'll end up without any farm till 25 minutes, i've seen people finish treads on antimage and bfury in 30 minutes because how bad they are at farming and how bad their lane is in low mmr.

    so let's focus on the enemies a little bit here, so the enemy offlane core has gotten 2-3 kills on you and now is starting to push your lane and take your tower, now that he has taken your lane away from you he'll get his core item, if he's a ganker he'll shut you down harder and keep pushing your lane or he'll leave and start gaking the other lanes where he'll start snowballing even harder

    at this point he's bailing out of control and he'll take the rest of your towers, snowball the rest of his team by giving them free kills and all your towers will be gone by 20 minutes and you won't be able to do anything anymore losing the game.

    chance to win this: 10%

    scenario 2: you're against some strong lane but they don't kill you, but you have a limited access to the creepwave.

    in this scenario you're allowed to get only a couple of lasthits every creepwave but your enemy offlaner gets freefarm and burns your hp.

    here you'll get your bfury in like 20 minutes if you were a low mmr player and you'll be shut down, this game is also pretty much a loss because with all that advantage they'll group up and start taking towers making it a slower version of scenario 1, you won't get much farm and you'll end up itemless, unless they mess up heavily you won't win.

    chance to win this: 30%

    scenario 3: you're against some neutral lane where you get farm, but so does the enemy offlaner

    in this lane you'll get your bfury by a reasonable time(15 minutes), you won't be leaving the lane much because the enemy is pushing it so you have to keep going back.

    this one can go either way depending on the other picks and other lanes

    chance to win this: 50%

    scenario 4: you're in a lane where you can zone out the enemy and he only has an limited acess to farm.

    same as scenario 2 only the opposite, except you've now have yourself a 13 minute bfury and this game can be easily snowballed out of control given that the enemy team has 1 hero that won't be able to shut you down from farming as he needs farm himself, meaning for every 100 gold that he gets, you get 500

    chance to win this: 70%

    scenario 5: you're in a lane where enemy can't come to lasthit AND you've killed him a couple times

    same as scenario 1, only the opposite, here you'll get a 11~ minute bfury and you'll be able to start taking their towers, by 15~ minutes you'd have vlads and manta by 19 where you can just simply end the game with all your snowball by 25.

    chance to win this: 90%

    so if we really look at this, if you played a 100 games you'd brake even at 50% winrate

    what the difference between ME and the average player who plays ANTIMAGE that can farm is the part on how well YOU CAN DO IN A BAD SCENARIO. Everyone can take a free win BUT not many players can turn a guaranteed loss to a guaranteed win.

    is the simple fact that i can get an extra 10-30% winrate on each one of these scenarios, meaning in those games where enemy shuts me down completely(scenario 1), i have at least 20-40% chance to win while a game that i get any advantage(scenario 4/5) i will have a pretty much guaranteed win, and here's HOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

    meaning instead of braking even at 50% after 100 games, i'd have 60-90% winrate depending on my own execution/ the bracket(the higher the harder it is(example i have 90% at 0-3k, 80% at 3k to 4k, 70% at 4k to 5k and 60% in 5 to 6k)).

    let's start explaining the rules of laning:

    to start explaing lanes, we first need to list heroes that can give us issues or what heroes we can lane against without

    we'll keep using those scenarios as point to start at, there's very rarely a hero that can get any other hero into a scenario 1 or scenario 5(example brood against heroes with no AOE) but those heroes are rare, you can always get something out of a lane.

    so i'm gonna give my personal rating for every hero given a 1v1 to an antimage, we're using that same system so 1 means he destroys you and 5 means you destroy him.

    ^this is just a 2-3 minute scribble without too much analysis, once i get a lot of time to it i'll do an actual full version for every hero(there's probably a lot of mistaken ones in this one but overall it shows the pictures) and i'll use results from 6k+ games only in 1v1 lanes when i do all of the analysis

    for now it's just a simple smaller version of what will happen at a 0-4k level from using my own experience, now this is strictly for a 1v1 lane.

    as you can see, there's not that many heroes that will guaranteed destroy you in a 1v1 lane against you: only axe, bat, brood, huskar, ursa, viper.

    axe- spin damage doesn't allow you to walk in and lasthit
    bat- spam napalm and easily burn all of your regen before you can do anything.
    brood- stacks up a thousand spiders and you have no AOE
    huskar- spam spears
    ursa- passive keeps stakcing up damage onto you, meaning he can sit infront of the creepwave and control it forever and you wouldn't get any lasthits without losing half your HP for them.
    viper- spam W

    now i would've also added clinkz as well, but he isn't as annoying as viper/huskar as you can pull aggro away from him under tower without dying for it.

    now for now, we're gonna deal with these lanes by just simply using aggro tricks to move back and take lasthits and after all of our regen is burned you'd get talon and go jungle.

    now, a lot of players are sceptical about this part especially when they have a jungler of their own.

    but please, use logical reasoning, don't use emotions.

    if you stay in that lane, at best you'll get exp if they don't kill you at the first waves, if you stay sooner or later they'll have a guaranteed kill on you

    and a lot of heroes in scenario 2 will as well after 5+ minutes.

    if you stay in that lane, you'll die 2-3 times and all you'll do is DELAY that tower dying. that tower will die REGARDLESS, all that you will do there is LIMIT YOUR OWN FARM AND GIVE ENEMY MORE GOLD/EXP BY FEEDING THEM.

    just go to the jungle and take some jungle farm, because once they do take your tower and you've cleared all the camps around hte lane, they'll push out the lane and in most cases just leave and gank other lanes, now that the tower falen at 4-5 minutes and you will now enstablish yourself freefarm under your t2 as it's pushing hard and they can't dive that much on most heroes.

    do not be unreasonable, towers aren't safe havens, they're death traps.

    here's a good general rule of thumb: up to 4k do not even attempt to defend any single t1/t2 tower unless you can get free kills within 10 seconds of going there without dying for them.

    when i get to farming patterns&splitpushing segment and midgame i'll explain more about how you can lose a tower and end up gaining way more than you lost.

    now, heroes that can get you into scenario 2 aren't as bad, they might take your tower but it's no big deal as you can always end up with at least 50% creeps hit by using aggro tricks(will touch on that later in this segment), but what's important here is that you won't lose the lane against them if you just keep abusing aggro and going for lasthits under tower, for these an antimage can get not just Ring of health but even ring of regen extra(or even headdress) because once you do have a lot of regen against these lanes you can now start counter-pushing and farming the side-camp

    scenario 3 heroes in low mmr can and SHOULD AND WILL be able to always be placed into scenario 4/5 and that's what we're gonna explain later,

    in lane types in scenario 3 and 4 of lanes you're looking at getting AS MUCH FARM as possible ONCE you have the advantage, i see a lot of low to mid mmr players going not for extra farm before they have enough advantage so they end up feeding the advantage once they rotate to other lanes to push/fight.

    lanes in scenario 5 should always be looked to be forced into kicking the enemy out of lane, taking his tower and then running into the jungle to farm as fast as possible to take more towers and more towers on other lanes(transfer your snowball to other lanes)

    the difference between MY scenario 5 and scenario 1 from low mmr players is that i don't simply run to another lane as soon as i get a tower, i farm to get more advantage because that guy who just lost a tower is very likely to teleport so i'd run into a 1v3 or 2v3 where i can throw my advantage

    another thing that i do is PULL THE LANE AFTER TAKING THE TOWER, this is important, because if you remember what i said in scenario 1 is people in low mmr will just push the tower and then leave you with a triple wave and constant freefarm under the TIER 2 TOWER.

    what you can do from the safelane is push the tower at an odd minute and then pull/stack the hard camp next to the lane at the even minute example push tower at 7~ minutes, then pull and stack at 8:53 the sidecamp so that NOW the enemy can't get FREEFARM under his tower for multiple waves.

    an offlaner can't easily do this, only a safelaner can so that's a big advantage to losing a safelane vs losing the offlane.

    i've rarely ever seen an offlaner do this, and if it ever does happen you can just counter pull by pulling the easy camp to the wave and it'll push again towards you. but it most likely won't happen because as we already established you're jungling and taking farm in the jungle instead meaning you can cut half of that hard camp while he's taking your tower so he can't pull, while an offlaner can't easily do this when he's losing a tower because of the angle of entrance towards that hard camp is being blocked by you(we'll talk about this in minute 5-10 part)

    but we're already stepping out of the first 5 minutes so let's return back to it and explain that later.

    so we've explained simple ways of dealing with scenario 1 lanes by just leaving them and securing the farm under t2 to secure your farm, you'll end up with bare minimum 50 LH at 10 minutes which is what dogshit low mmr laners get in a scenario 5 lanes at low mmr while you'd be getting 100++ in a scenario 5 lane, and if you're really good up to even 120 depending on how well you plan it out and how hard you're stomping(that's one of the reasons we did that 120 LH at 11 min challenge). because it becomes easier to farm once you've not just gotten all the lasthits, BUT ALSO A TOWER AND KILLS which is like a 1+ thousand more extra gold.

    now we've managed to transform a scenario 1 lane to a scenario 2-3 lane, let's talk about scenario 2 lanes and how we can transform them into scenario 3-4 lanes easily.

    for these lanes for an antimage are against strong tanky offlaners(bristle, cent, brew), heroes with just more damage/too much range for damage(lina, troll, nature) or ability to always win a trade(monkey, weaver, razor) or some annoying push/burst abilities(sandking, underlord, darkseer).

    scenario 2 as you can see has very strong laners but these laners don't have guaranteed kills on you meaning you can always trade off your regen for lasthits.

    the first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to these lanes is to simply use aggro tricks to separate the creepwave and get free farm at your side.

    the natural creepwave formation will look like this:

    where your 3 melee creeps will meet their 3 melee creeps and the range creeps are behind

    now in this formation an enemy can easily harass you:

    because when he's a range hero

    let's say the red circle is the aggro range(500 units) and let's say he's a hero with 600 units attack range(for that we say green circle(it isn't precise but just an example)) everything in the yellow area would become easy for him to harass because he'd be hitting you without pulling aggro from the creeps. meaning he can burn your HP for free without any problems, heroes like sniper or lina will easily do this to you

    for this we have to use aggro to pull it back

    now depending on how you use the aggro trick the lane creep positioning will now FLIP

    what you can notice from this image is that the lane equilibrium Flips it's positioning

    so what we had in the previous picture of green line> big green> big red line> red line

    now became green line> big red line> big green line> red line

    and that both came back to your side pulling both of the bigger lines towards yourself.

    you can even go further with this by using another aggro command at the end of your first aggro command (and adding in an autoattack if necessary) to pull the creeps equilibrium further back

    the way that you'd do this trick is by pulling aggro back onto your range creep, letting the creeps stop walking and attack your back line creep, then issuing another aggro command and walking back further for 2.5 seconds, at the end of that command you'd hit the creeps once and walk them into your tower.

    this is what i call creepwave separation, as you're simply separating your creepwave from theirs which guarantees you 3-4 latshits under the tower.

    now against dual lanes(i'll talk about this later) this can and will result in a guaranteed push towards the enemy side, for which you'd juggle the creeps infront of the tower but not in the range of it so that your next creepwave meets this current enemy creepwave so that the next enemy creepwave also meets it there and set you up for that nice perfect creep position which is ''close to the tower range, but not inside it''

    so why is all of this important?

    well against bad lanes they're in a safe space if you don't pull aggro and they can simply harass you for free, but here's what happens when the lane is positioned in the way a simple aggro pull can do:

    now when he does attack the creeps will aggro back onto his range creep creating a new NEUTRAL type of equilibrium same to the basic normal equilibrium.

    now why is this one so good, if we look up to the example with the range being larger than the aggro range, here no matter what their range is the lane will OVERLAP WITH THE AGGRO RANGE meaning IF THEY DO DECIDE TO HARASS YOU THEY WILL GUARANTEED TAKE DAMAGE FROM THE CREEPS

    so why is this SOOO FUCKING GOOD?

    it's simple: almost every single low moron forgets the fact that MULTIPLE CREEPS A LOT OF FUCKING DAMAGE! ESPECIALLY TO A RANGE HERO(since range heroes don't have stout shields/PMS they'll take MORE DAMAGE)

    so let's look at lina with nulls, she does 58 damage with a 1.3 seconds attack period

    while a melee creep does 21 with a 1.0 seconds attack period

    and a range creep does 23 with a 1.0 seconds attack period

    creeps have a different attack damage type,

    so that means melee creeps will do 75% damage to heroes and range creeps will do 50%

    putting melee creeps at 15.75~ damage per second and ranged creeps at 11.5 damage per second

    that means with 3 melee creeps and a range creep hitting you you'd be taking 58.75~ damage per second which is: OH LOOK LINA DOES 58~ EVERY 1.3 SECONDS

    and not only THAT, is now that you're an antimage with a standard item PMS, you'll be blocking 20 damage of every hit that she does.

    meaning the lina gets reduced to 38.75~ damage per 1.3 seconds

    now lina does have some armor(she has a little more than 1 armor putting her at 9% physical resistance) so that means the creeps would be doing 53.5~ damage per second to her

    aka she's doing 38.75 per 1.3 seconds BUT TAKING 53.5 DAMAGE PER SECOND FROM ONLY THE CREEPS.

    now you'd be surprised to watch your own games and just to look at how many times you can now abuse this simple trick where you simply pull aggro and just simply LET THE ENEMIES KILL THEMSELVES XDDD

    * now obviously every damage values fluctuate in a random number generator, so your damage isn't 57 every time it could be 55 one time and 59 next time but averages to 57, i'm just using the average values to make these calculations simple *

    now if you were to walk in and start trading with her, you'd quickly realize that you're only taking half the damage from her creeps due to pms(26.73~ damage per second) + you'll be hitting her for:

    57 damage at 1.1 seconds period

    now you have more armor(3) while she only has less(1) and no PMS

    meaning that antimage VS lina tradeoff in a lane will always favor the antimage if they were battling in the creepwave using this trick.

    now why did i do these calculations for you? simple, now we can eliminate half of the heroes that are actually good against you to simply make them bad against you as you can FORCE them into a situation where they'll ALWAYS LOSE THE TRADEOFF.

    now obviously this doesn't go for every hero, but the squishy heroes and range heroes get completely eliminated by this simple trick as we've not just made a thing for antimage VS lina BUT a thing for any 1v1 where you either have better items, trading 1v1 against a melee hero if enemy doesn't have stout or if you have pms and he has stout when you have the same damage or pretty much against almost any range hero that you can get them to start trading hits with you(exceptions would be uam heroes like clinkz/silencer/viper or stuff like terroblade who just has more armor/way more damage)

    this is exactly why i said that you need to learn all the mechanics, if you hadn't done that wiki part i seriously suggest going there and doing hte research as you'll understand how these things will work out in the future better.

    now, we haven't eliminated all of the heroes in scenario 2, only like half of them.

    now lets talk about the next part of the scenario 2 heroes

    there are some melee heroes that have less damage than you or no stout/pms or range heroes with UAM, this is why i didn't put silencer/drow/clinkz into scenario 1 because of this simple thing

    is the overall resources through the laning stage aka HP, MANA AND REGEN

    what im simply saying is, heroes like them will win a tradeoff if you start hitting them in the creepwave because either they don't take damage from the creepwave as they're too far away or wont aggro due to uam's

    for these heroes there's actually quite a simple solution: JUST JUMP INTO THE BACK AND START SMACKING THEM OUTSIDE THE CREEPWAVE!

    something like an antimage will win this tradeoff because you simply 1. burn their resources or 2. you'd do more damage without the creeps

    the problem with those heroes is if they'd want to use their UAM'S they need mana and HP

    meaning you can just jump them and burn all of their resources and they can't respond to that any way because they're squishy and you're tanky at low levels

    same thing with slark, terroblade, juggernaut

    these heroes if you were to just let them hit you they'd win the lane, but if you were to just run at them and pounce/meta/spin and lock smack them down, you'll burn all of their resources and they can't win the lane anymore as they have nothing to trade.

    now obviously, this is why people in higher brackets ALWAYS CHECK ITEMS

    because if we spot some moron with boots first and only a set of tangoes, we'll instantly jump on him and burn all of his regen forcing him to use all of his tangoes to regenerate what he lost trading with us, meaning we're left with another set of tangoes and a salve and a stout shield while they only have boots and can't trade anymore without losing the lane.

    the amount of laughs i had when 0-4ks wanted me to help them learn 1v1 laning against bad lanes where i'd just jump them as antimage at level 2 with manaburn and blink and block their way back and burn all their regen to just have them sit and watch me FREEFARM for the next 10 minutes is just hilarious, because they know if they started harassing me i'd just jump onto them and KILL THEM BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO REGEN TO COME BACK!

    no matter what advantage the hero has, when you get a regen, gold and/or exp advantage against them that advantage just magically vanishes WOOOOSH.

    now this takes care of 2/3 of the scenario 2 heroes

    there's still the pushers and the tankier offlane heroes

    against those you can really only pull aggro back, you can't win a trade and shouldn't even attempt to, win them after 5+ minutes.

    why? because the previous type of heroes you can jump and start trading with and you'd win either because they have less regen/resources or less damage/armor/hp, the current type doesn't work like that as they only would need HP regen and they have more armor/health/damage
    these are your legion, brews, centaurs who will just win a 1v1 rightclick battle inside and outside the creepwave against you and they 99% of the time, due to their hero's playstyle, will have more regen bought, unless they are stupid like a lot of low mmr players are to not buy the necessary laning resources then there's no way you're gonna win a trade, so don't even attempt it.

    JUST USE AGGRO, because these heroes naturally do not have too much ability to harass and even if they wanted to, them harassing will result in a wave pushed.

    so what am i talking about?

    once you use an aggro trick to walk your creepwave back, they want to win that lane so they'll aggro creeps

    so let's say you've used the aggro trick to pull the creeps back like this, now these heroes are natural harassers and will aggro themselves or try to harass you.

    this will result in them instantly being aggroed like in previous examples, but what a lot of people don't realize is THIS IS A GUARANTEED PUSH TOWARDS YOU.

    meaning if you can force them to do this, the lane will push towards you and you'll get 3-4 free last hits under the tower

    the heavy pushers:

    these heroes are naturally made to burst you and/or the creepwave in super short periods of time, like sand king caustic can burn a whole creepwave in 2 seconds or dark seer's ion shell non stop pushing.


    but we can use the same fact like in the previous example and just let them push, now we just farm under tower

    now, a lot of people farm creeps under the tower really really bad where they would just sit there and tank the creepwave

    the red arrows show the creeps movement direction to attack, as you can see they're stationary so they'll directly just attack you.

    what you should be doing is walking around the creepwave so that they spend more time walking than hitting you which cuts their dps by 2/3 and then just taking the lasthits.

    now the blue lines represet them having to walk, then once they get into their attack range they'll issue a new attack command

    but these creeps will have to walk trough and around each other to get to you if you do it properly, like that creep highligted yellow will have to walk around his other creeps to get to you making him miss 3+ seconds of not hitting while the others only would miss 2 seconds and if you properly align them you can have multiple creeps that are forced to walk around

    and this shows the final trick where once you run into a dead end after doing this, and the creeps will get to hit you, what will happen is they'll align themselves into a new line(pink line) meaning you can now just go to the left/rightside of that line to force the same situation in the opposite direction meaning you still won't take damage(green arrows)

    so why is this so good against these lanes? it's because they can't easily kill you meaning you'll get AT LEAST 3-4 FREE LAST HITS UNDER THE TOWER that means if you aren't stupid to miss these lasthits under tower you'll end up with like 50-60 LH in a lost lane like this, something a low trash doesn't get in a freefarm lane.

    now i've added some additional laning under tower challenges to the first post under this one since you WILL need to know how to do this properly.

    they're in the part 2: laning challenges

    now let's talk about lanes in scenario 3:

    these lanes aren't very special, simply enough that in these lanes you're getting farm but so is the enemy and neither one of you can kick the other ouf of lane.

    but what you can do is start working towards doing better tradeoffs(using example methods that i've mentioned in scenario 1-2) and getting that advantage.

    for that we need to understand how gold/exp works in a lane:

    *quick reminder to DO THE WORK if you haven't and learn everyhting i've told you, there's no way this guide benefits ANYONE by just reading it, you have to FOLLOW IT'S INSTRUCTION aka do the challenges and learn the wiki*

    your lanes will have 3 melee and 1 ranged, (and 1 catapult will happen at 3:00, then 1 will spawn every 3.5 minutes)

    what we can already notice is that melee creeps give 45 exp and range creeps give 90, catapults 88

    that means there 45+45+45+90=225 exp in your average creepwave, why is this important?

    because if we cut away that exp from the enemy we can force a quick advantage.

    what you can do in a lot of these lanes is deny your creeps at the first waves and then get lvl 2 before your enemy does, then just simply jump him with the 2 spell advantage and burn most of his regen

    because we've already established that in the 3rd scenario you've got a neutral advantage, using this trick in a low game means you can just burn away all of the enemy's regen and in most case scenario a low player will become instantly passive and stop trying to play

    meaning during the first 2 creepwaves we can kill 2 range creeps(180 exp) and 2 melee creeps(90 exp) to get 270 exp, meaning we'd get level 2, if we deny 1 range creep then instantly kill the enemy's range creep at the 2nd wave we'd get a level 2 advantage and we'd just jump him and burn him

    now, be warned, this method does guarantee that the lane WILL BE PUSHED towards the enemy's side, a little bit of this can be negated by taking the tradeoff behind the enemy so that he pulls your creeps so that his creeps can kill yours meaning that equilibrium can be restored.

    now you don't have to rush it and just kill 2 range creeps in the first 2 waves, you can also keep the equilibrium and just deny your creeps while securing last hits on his, if you deny your whole first wave, that means the wave will award the enemy only 225/2= 112.5 exp meaning if the 2nd wave goes into normal, you'll hit lvl sooner than he does meaning you can just jump him in the wave and the lane equilibrium won't me messed up completley

    you can also do creep aggro to divide it so that his melee are attacking your range, and your melee are attacking his range like in the previous examples, then even if the wave pushes it'll kill the range creep and just push the wave into his tower

    then when you do burn him you can just go back to HIS wave which should've killed the range creep, seperate it from yours and just juggle it infront of the tower so that it doesn't enter it.

    Now if you CAN land a kill onto him using that lvl 2 advantage, the control of the creepwave doesn't matter as you're pretty much now guaranteeing yourself that this lane is being transformed from scenario 3 to scenario 4 meaning for the next couple of waves you can just deny him access to the creepwave and burn him from coming close, you can also pull the sidecamp at the end of odd minutes(0:53, 2:53, 4:53 etc.) but we'll talk about that in minute 5-10 when we start working on getting more farm and more advantage.

    other methods of controlling the exp gain in a scenario 3 lane: you can pull the aggro of the creeps back onto your range creep to always guarantee that deny on the range creep, by doing that you'll be cutting a huge portion of the exp in the creepwave from the enemy and even if with that lvl 2 advantage burst at the 2nd wave didn't help you, if you keep cutting exp from the enemies, sooner or later you'll have a constant 1-2 level advantage and gold advantage.

    meaning when you get lvl 6, he'll have level 4/5 and you can now just kill him over and over again every time he comes to lane.

    now, there's nothing much except farming, controling their exp intake and harassing properly that you can do to win 0-5 minutes that won't require a psychological and human aspect of the game, which i'll get to later.

    lanes in scenarios 4 are pretty simple, you just zone out the enemy from coming close to exp range and burn him every time he tries do do jack shit, do not let him freely walk into the creepwave, you OWN THIS

    in these lanes controlling the creepwave equilibrium is OF THE HIGHEST IMPORTANCE, you can NOT allow him to get any advantage because that's just making a scenario 4 lane into a free scenario 3 lane, this is a huge mistake that i see from low players where they'll establish advantage but just let the enemy freely farm the lane, at best he's allowed to get denied creep exp.



    stage 5 is just an extension to stage 4 where you've already killed them and they can't enter, this stage only has differences in the 5+ minute marks. you'll do the same farm and control wave thing as you did in the 80/40 challenge here.

    that being said, we can finally start talking about minute 5-10:

    PART 4: MINUTE 5-10

    Now looking at our loveley friends "the spreadsheets"

    we can already notice the amount of time it takes us to reach certain levels, most importantly level 6

    it takes 2.3k exp to reach level 6, meaning we should reach it after the 9th wave is killed, aka the one that spawns at 4:30

    that means at 5 minutes, if enemy didn't deny a single creep we'd reach level 6

    now, that being said, the range creep gives 90 exp

    in our scenario 2 we'd get at worst only those 3 melee creeps each wave

    that means if the enemy was competent he'd deny every range creep, from 9 creepwaves that's 910 exp.

    that means he can cut off 405 exp from us

    that means our lvl 6 should come 1.5 minutes later considering that he'd cut away another 90 exp from the next 450 exp leaving us with 340 exp from the next 2 waves

    but the wave after that would guarantee us having lvl 6 after the 11-12th creepwave, so that means after minute 6 we should have lvl 6.

    so why does our lvl 6 matter?

    because most heroes get a huge power spike after level 6.

    especially heroes like terrorblade, slark or jugger meaning we can use that ult to guarantee ourselves more farm in a bad scenario lane.

    now, the enemy can also have a strong spike at lvl 6 and they can get their lvl 6 faster than you if they deny you creeps.

    using the aggro trick we can also deny our range creep to delay their level 6

    meaning if the enemy is stupid and doesn't deny the range creeps you can get lvl 6 1-2 minutes faster than him and use that to snowball yourself into a high advantage, aka killing him.

    always try to deny the range creep if possible in these lanes. but in no lane, no matter how good or bad, you never go for denies over lasthits unless you KNOW you're getting a kill because of it.

    that being said, after lvl 6 most heroes can start taking the sidecamp, some can do it earlier and some can do it later; it's up to you to test how long it takes and when you can safely do it.

    that being said, i'm not gonna go into the details of when/how to pull at 53 or other timings to pull

    there's a bsj video on it saving a lot of my time having to explain it:

    that being said, there are other patterns which i like more than bsj's which apply better to the low mmr bracket as you don't have a good support to zone out the enemy out of exp range.

    the main pattern being creepwave>camp>creepwave>camp

    but to do this you don't just simply take the lasthits, you need to push the wave so that it ends up at the enemy towers so that you can have extra time to go to the sidecamp and take it
    after taking that sidecamp you go push the next wave and then go back for the other sidecamp to your lane

    if you don't actively push the wave, the next wave is just gonna end up meeting your wave in 10 seconds and you'll end up losing gold as you'd lose lasthits in lane

    the average golds for camps are:

    small camp 75 g

    medium 100g

    hard 125g

    ancient 225g

    creepwave starts out with 153 avg gold and then increases over time like shown in the spreadsheet.

    meaning after 25 minutes a creepwave gives just as much gold as an ancient camp.

    now, minute 5-10 doesn't differ mutch from minute 0-5 when it comes to the laning aspect, except that you're just trying to get more and more gold now.

    meaning if you get those 2 side camps(easy and hard) which will give you 75g~ and 125g~ your gpm will be upgraded by 100 per minute

    meaning in a bad lane, from minute 0-5 every minute you're getting about 2 creepwaves which give 150g~ and 90 passive gold per minute
    which should put you at 390~ gpm if you don't miss any last hits or about 300~ if you're getting a bad lane and can only take lasthits on those melee creeps.

    after minute 5 you should be getting that 390 gpm(because now you'll have lvl 6 and you can push the wave regardless of your opponent)

    and you can add in that extra 200g every 2 minutes putting you at 490 gpm, after min 7 the creepwave gets upgraded meaning you'll get another 20gpm extra from there.

    after we've finished doing our simple patterns, now it's time for more advanced patterns that give us more gold.

    looking at our spreadsheet it means, after 6 minutes you should get 2k gold from all those lane creeps and 500 from passive

    meaning with all of that gold a slark at 6-7 minutes would have this:

    meaning clearing the next 2 creepwaves and camps to the side would give us this:

    Ok so how does our pattern look like from here on as a level 7++ slark?

    at the beginning of odd minutes we can nuke the current creepwave.

    after clearing the jungle camp we now go for the next creepwave:

    after that we go for the easy camp which should put as now at the start of the EVEN number minute.

    red is what we've done, and yellow is what we're doing now that the even number minute starts

    take rune and now kill those 3 camps

    if you look at it, the rune will give us about 55~ gold and those 3 camps will give us 2x 100 for the medium and 1x 125 for the hard camp and 90 passive== putting us at 475 gold in one minute

    BUT now we can return using a similar pattern as the camps will respawn at the odd minutes
    meaning we can take a similar path back

    so that means, in the next 1.5 minutes we can take 5 camps and 2 creepwaves

    and what's most likeley gonna happen, since you left your support or just left the offlaner solo in the lane the wave will push towards you and you'll get about a creepwave and a half under the tower.

    meaning in the first odd minute we've gotten 2 camps(200g) and 2 creepwaves(320g) giving us 520g~

    in the even minute after that we've gotten 3 camps(325g) and a bounty(55g) giving us 375g~

    in the odd minute after that we've gotten 3 camps(325g) and 1.5-2 creepwaves(depends on how the offlaner pushed or support stayed there) (250g) giving us about 575g~

    and in the even minute after that we've gotten another 2 camps(200g) and 2 creepwaves(320g) giving us 520g~

    and now as you can see this pattern can keep repeating or we can take the enemy tower depending on the situation

    in 3 minutes this pattern gives about 1470g+ for what we've killed and 270g passive

    a total of= 1740g

    aka 580 GPM

    as you can see this pattern is quite useful as it gives a LOT more exp and gold

    a normal low mmr slark would just take 3 minutes of creepwaves giving him 160g~ each, 6 creepwaves 960g + 270 passive

    a total of = 1230g

    aka 410 GPM

    passive gold excluded:

    so the base pattern of 2 creepwaves a minute gives us 320g~ per minute after min 7

    the extra pattern can give us 420g~ per minute due to the extra 2 creepwaves

    while the advanced pattern can give us 470g~ per minute

    the base pattern gives 450 exp per minute

    the advanced pattern gives an additional 175~ exp per minute totaling 625 exp per minute

    and the advanced pattern can give us [800(first minute) + 625(second minute) + 910(third minute)]/3 minutes exp, totaling about 780~ exp per minute.

    so that means, the offlaner because he's left in a lane with 2 creepwave per minute will have to use the base pattern

    meaning he gets 410g~ and 450exp~ per minute

    while you can be getting UP TO 560g~ and 780exp~ per minute.

    note: these calculations for gpm and xpm are just rough estimations using average values, if you feel like doing the calcutions better or if someone feels like making a program or spreadsheet for all the possible farming patterns that'd be lovely.

    now, this is especially good in bad lanes as we can recover or even get more from our loss at the early game

    now, there are other patterns for other heroes

    it's up to you to find out the best patterns for your hero, example antimage can't do the advanced pattern but he can do the extra pattern

    but once he finishes bfury he can do an even faster pattern:

    example this pattern can give antimage in 1-2 minutes all 5 camps twice and 2-3 creepwaves total giving him 700gpm+ for those 2 minutes.

    or even this pattern later when he has vlad and or yasha:

    this pattern would add in another creepwave(+170g), 2 ancients(+450g) and 2 camps(200g) giving us +425 gpm on the previous pattern aka putting it at 1.1k+ gold per minute and a shit ton of exp

    so if anyone was wondering about why do i always have 900-1000 avg gpm in low mmr

    it's due to these patterns giving me an overall 700-800 gpm and then another extra 300 for snowballing, ganking and pushing properly.

    now you can realize why i made you do those challenges, as you'll simply need to be extremely efficient at pressing buttons so you can actually execute these patterns and give yourself a huge advantage over the enemy team.

    the reason i call these ''patterns'' is because simply they're REPEATABLE and REUSABLE

    repeatable as you can do them as many times as you want in the game and reusable as you can just use the same pattern to go back to the beginning point and if timed properly you can just keep going back and forth giving you the overall max GPM.

    now, obviously you won't be able to do these patterns all the time due to enemies and teammates stopping you, for that we'll have different patterns when we talk about the player aspect of the game, but till then we have to finish the mechanical aspect of the game.

    luckly we're almost done with that

    all we have to do is cross patterns with pushing towers and we can start talking about planning hte game then outplanning your opponents and the player aspect of the game.

    so let's start with aggressive pushing patterns.

    Part 5: midgame(10-25)

    For now, i will not talk about WHEN you can start doing this but only HOW to do it.

    now, dota is very simple

    your overall job is to destroy the enemy ancient, for that we need to start taking the enemy towers.

    from what we've established 1 reasoning so far of why it's useless to defend our towers unless we can get free kils within 5-10 seconds of teleporting there without getting killed for ourselves.

    because now we have reason 1 for it: we can out farm the enemy as they're grouped up taking our tower

    meaning if the enemy were to put 4-5 people into a lane and our team were to defend that with 4 people then that tower would take 2+ minutes to be destroyed

    the lower the mmr the more, usually at super shitty brackets like 0-3k, unless someone has a pushing hero, it takes them 5++ minutes to take a single tower.

    meaning in those 5 minutes we can be getting UP TO 1K gpm(depending on our hero) because the rest of the map is free for us

    meaning if all of our teammates die and that tower dies, we are personally ahead of the enemy team. .

    so let's say in those 5 minutes everyone else on our team dies twice giving let's say 300g each(random guess value, no research done here just your average kill gold if someone wants to do some more research on how much gold they'll give feel free to do it, i'd love to add it here) that's 2400G

    and the tower dies:

    giving 120g to each enemy and 200~ to the killer so that gives them at 3200g~ to their whole team for those 5 minutes spent at that lane giving

    while we can get up to 5k+ gold for ourselves during those 5 minutes.

    meaning we're already either neutral or ahead of our enemies in terms of gold/exp during those 5 minutes our team spent feeding.

    this is the next reason i said don't take these unnecessary teamfights at the low brackets, as you can just get waaay more out of the map.

    the actual biggest reason is the incompetence of these players, but we'll talk about that in the player aspect(p.s the player aspect is gonna be really complicated to understand, i'll try my best to explain it nicely but no promises as it is just a lot of psychology tricks).

    so, during the midgame we're just going to extend these patterns to push towers as well given a good scenario where enemy is grouping up

    take note: don't just push when the enemy already grouped, but start pushing as soon as you see them preparing to group, meaning once they're grouped up you're already at the other lane pushing the wave into their tower.

    so what if we can get more?
    well there are farming patterns that cut the enemy side and eat up their farming space and most importantly push the towers, meaning we can still keep 100% efficiency on the farming side while also adding in t1 towers into the mix.

    most of these are just simple adaptations of the standard farming path that we took in the lane(the one that gives us those 2 extra sinde camps) except that we're doing these in the enemy jungle.

    so lets say we started that 1k gpm pattern and gotten to the end of it, and we notice enemies are all going towards the bot lane.

    so let's say we have gotten so far with the pattern(red arrows):

    and now we notice enemy is starting to group at the bottom/mid lane

    now we can take the yellow path which will go as following> camp below our shrine>creepwave on the top lane>hard camp>creepwave close/inside the tower>easy camp> next creepwave> medium camp

    now this will push 3-4 creepwaves into the tower, basically it'll rip apart a full hp tower, now after taking the 3rd camp we can now just walk into the lane where the creepwave has already done the job for us and just get ourselves that tower lasthit securing our team each 120g and ourselves 150-250 gold for that tower lasthit(MAKE SURE TO LAST HIT THE TOWER).

    now, if the enemies are either still in the bot lane or haven't reacted/teleported we can now take the blue path to take another tower with our super duper mega creepwave

    now if they're in the midlane, you shouldn't continue most of the time unless you know you can survive their heroes, but if they're somewhere else(botlane) or don't have heroes that can guaranteed catch you and kill you; you take the light blue path which will cut the next wave, go to the jungle, cut the wave after that and then go back to the jungle

    IF THEY STILL haven't reacted we can keep going using the green path to take another tower or two now, if they did react we can now go to our jungle and restart the pattern or use a different one to walk back to take farm.

    so why are we using patterns instead of just hitting the tower ourselves?

    well simply because 2 reasons

    1. it's faster, the creeps will eat up the tower and we'll take farm trough the jungle guaranteeing ourselves a lot of farm taking those 5 camps and 4+ creepwaves in those 2-4 minutes being there.

    2. we're not showing much on the map as we're mostly in the jungle and only showing for 4-5 seconds to take a creepwave/lasthit a tower, meaning pushing down the lane which shows us all the times and if some lowbies decides to look at the map for once they'd spot us

    while cutting waves and taking the towers only shows us a small portion of the time meaning there's less chance that the lowbies will spot us on the map if they ever do, and evne if they do they'll just see us eat a creepwave and then dissapear thinking that maybe we're not even there anymore.

    meaning if 1 guy does ping their teammates who also don't watch the map as they're busy fighting or someshit they won't spot us as we're not showing on the map after those 4-5 seconds every 20-30 seconds.

    while pushing directly trough the lane shows us up for all of the time of being in that lane.

    another special thing about this pattern is that we eat their whole jungle(but i'll cover that in the player aspect soon™) but in short tearm it means when they do come to their safelane to defend, they don't have any camps around that lane anymore since we took them all.

    so they're either forced to keep pushing that lane OR chase us and if they can't find us they're now forced to go back to another lane

    meaning we can just rinse and repeat.

    if they stay at that lane and keep pushing we can go to the opposite side using a backwards pattern OR teleport there and start taking the other side towers

    meaning they're now forced to go to the bottom lane

    once they're forced to go there and defend we just do all of this over again forcing them to waste a lot of time till we we're basically too farmed and they have no farm as they spent all of their time chasing between 2 lanes like the game was a benny hill theme music video.

    that's how a low mmr game looks for me^

    So then, what if they're split up?

    then it's even simpler, just shove MULTIPLE the waves into them and eat up their jungle.

    meaning the guy who was farming jungle is now forced to go to a lane

    now with all your superior farm just pick off the easiest target or keep farming the whole map if you can't just pickoff an easy target and take the nearest/easiest tower.

    this will now force them to group up again to save that target OR defend that tower meaning you can do the previous thing to split them up or take all their towers

    so it's just a giant game of splitting them up, picking them off which makes them afraid and now forces them to group up again

    where you'll just repeat to split them up, pick them off and then force them to group

    with each iteration of this process you gaining a 5k networth advantage over them

    after a couple iterations of this you'll be so farmed up that you'll basically have enough items to wipe their whole team by yourself(1k + gpm).

    so that means now when you pickoff that 1 target, and the rest come in you just kill them 1 by 1 and take the rest of their towers.

    big rules:









    you're forcing them to show up and then picking them off when they're vulnerable, not going into them and killing yourself and throwing the game.

    if they're not showing up they're losing

    because simply they're taking 2-3 creepwaves and camps a minute split onto 5 people, that is like 100 gpm each

    this wins you the game, as you eat their farm and they cant get more.

    because if they have 5 heroes getting 100-200 gpm each and your team has the rest of the map and you have 1k+ gpm, you're winning the game by DEFAULT DUE TO YOU GETTING 6 SLOTTED BEFORE 30 MINUTES WITH THIS PLAN WHILE THEY HAVE NOTHING.

    all that these 3 methods guarantee you is that you'll own the map.

    so the 4 major midgame rules:

    1. take their towers and split them up while they're 5manning

    2. shove waves into them when they're split up and pickoff free/easy targets and then their towers to force them to group up again

    3. if they have an unavoidable guaranteed kill on you, just keep farming as efficiently as possible and shove safe waves towards them to force those gankers to show up.

    4. only teleport to teamfights/groupups that guarantee 1-2 tower kills and/or 2+ player kills without you dying for it, if you don't know that you're gonna get a tower or you maybe will die THEN DON'T FUCKING EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING THERE.

    note: kills only within 10 seconds of teleporting in or towers within 60 seconds of teleporting in, if it takes anything longer than that then don't even bother trying to go there.

    note: unavoidable kills are something that will jump you within half a second and always kill you

    ex blademail blink legion who's already snowballing.

    you don't just do this till you know where the legion is or you've forced her to show up somewhere, and look to get items to make that UNAVOIDABLE kill on you avoidable example: linkens against that legion.

    that being said, some heroes can look unavoidable but can be avoided

    example a low mmr legion is shit at farming, meaning with all the farm we have and the farm we're stealing from her she'll get a super late blink + blademail meaning even if she catches us we'll survive OR EVEN KILL HER during her own duel.

    but to do that we need to plan around them(escape plans which i'll talk about later)

    meaning to survive and/or to kill that blademail blink legion, all we need is more farm than her and to not be inside the creepwave while pushing, meaning if she jumps us we can actually kill her as she won't proc her lifesteal as much and if we have our own vladimirs we can survive and outdps her trough her blademail.

    that being said do not just sit afk behind a tower waiting for a perfect initation, those will never happen so you're just waisting time waiting for those.
    and i will seriously NOT watch anyone's replays if they don't follow those 4 rules, i will blacklist you if you don't follow this.

    i do not want to watch someone waste my time by wasting their own time sitting behind a tower 20 minutes into the game waiting for the enemy/your team to initiate, teleport to fights only after it starts and half the spells were thrown.

    no matter how many gankers they have, if you keep shoving waves into them they'll be forced to show them up and then you can make plays on the other side of the map.
    low mmr players don't understand that they have to keep an axe/storm/lc off the map, so they'll end up showing them



    the lategame is no different from the midgame, just that the enemies will have more items and unavoidable fights will happen(t3 towers and roshans later), for this all we have to change is the fact after 35+ minutes we always have to have gold for buyback.

    that being said, there will be no talk about the lategame as this playstyle does not have a lategame

    your lategame comes at 25-30 mintes when you're 6 slotted and enemy has only 1-2 items due to all the control you've applied to them where you'll be able to juts easily kill them and end the game.

    so far i've been only explaining a little bit of the game and planning only for your own hero.

    it's time to expand this into more heroes and plan the game for everyone on both teams to abuse them to get our most possible out of that match:

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      Part 1: farming challenges

      easy ones:

      1. 10 min- no creeps missed (82+ lasthits minimum)
      2. 10 min- 80 lh/40 deny safelane, creeps can't enter either team's tower. if they do you reset
      3. 10 min- 100 LH safelane
      4. 30 min- 600 LH
      5. less than 15 min- end the game(destroy enemy ancient)

      advanced ones:

      1. 11 min- 120 LH
      2. 30 min- 750 LH
      3. 10 min- 100 CS+(LH+DN counts) as morphling -> lvl 1 strenght morph and never level anything again, turn it on and don't turn it off. buy a set of tangoes and a wraith band, you'll constantly have only 25~ damage. you're not allowed to buy any additional items.
      4. less than 10 min- end the game(destroy enemy ancient)

      all are done in lobby games, no cheats, no bots 1v0

      do all of them at least 5 times, yes they're a time consumer but if you're efficient at them then you don't have to use your brain to do them meaning you can focus on other aspects of the game while playing a smaller version of them in a real match.

      the advanced challenges aren't just pure mechanical challenges and WILL require proper planning.

      there are no rules outside the ones listed in them.

      Part 2: Laning challenges

      1. Lasthitting under tower:

      you have 2 ways of training this one and i'd recommend both.

      1st is the way i did it before custom games were invented: go to an empty lobby and turn on cheats, now load it up and pick your hero go to the safelane and buy your standard items, now use these cheats:

      -createhero centaur enemy
      -levelbots 24
      -givebots item_heart

      now skill that centaur's abilities and place him behind your tower(outside tower range) so that every one of your creepwaves will walk into him and kill itself on his passive.

      now simply last hit under the tower for as long as you have resources till you either DIE because of no resources OR 10 minutes expire.

      2nd way you can do this is an custom game made for this, last hit exercies:

      now, obviously not all lasthits are possible under the tower but in these 2 challenges your job is to get AT least 80% last hit efficiency, that means you should have AT LEAST 60 last hits at 10 minutes. like the previous challenges, you should do them at least 5 times each.

      now lasthitting under tower isn't easy, but there is a simple work around to make it easier:

      2. Now that you have the basic mechanical understanding on how to deal with ANY bad 1v1 lane it's time to start practicing farming 1v1

      there should be no lanes in which you cant guarantee yourself at least 50 last hits by 10 minutes.

      your job is to start queueing 1V1 gamemode and start practicing that using the tricks i've shown, this challange is not simple like the other ones

      the challange is: in 15 games IN A ROW have at least 60 lasthits at 10 minutes in 1v1 gamemode

      now, due to the midlane being way shorter than the safelane, aka easier to survive in, i've added in another extra +10 lasthits

      you don't need to win it or kill your oponent, you just have survive for 10 minutes to get at least 60 lasthits for 15 games in a row. losing a game before 10 minutes also counts as a reset, you're not just learning to lasthit against an oponent, you're also learning to survive one!

      *aka if you have 13 games in a row with at least 60 LH at 10 minutes, then you lose one or dont get 60 then you have to reset your count again*

      p.s if you can hunt yourself a 6k+ player to train 1v1 with, then that's the most efficient way to learn it as they're really competent at harassing and will abuse every single mistake you make by MURDERING YOU, don't be surprised if you lose 30-40 games in a row to them.

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        this post will serve as a collection of analysis material that i will do to show visually how these things work
        best way you're gonna understand this is by doing analysis for yourself and learning and doing all the exercises in this guide

        this one talks mostly about the laning stage (first 5-10 minutes, mostly mechanical) and a little bit of splitpushing, pincering and dealing with bad games.


        more about that laning stage and showing how to destroy ''unwinnable'' lanes beyond human comprehension

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          Post reserve 3


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              I'm waiting to read it

              We're chained...

                5ks the new 4k lads, blue stars need to be reassigned accordingly.


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                    Oy cap, do you need a tryhard-1kScrub padawan to test your hardcore grindings techniques? Someone who's really committed on climbing his way out the goddam mmr hell and won't surrender? Well, here I am, teach me senpai.


                      If im gonna take a new student i need someone who will play and learn a LOT.

                      And with A LOT i mean A FUCKING LOT, no joke.

                      I need someone who could play 5+ games a day of the same hero for a whole month without any sign of boredom.

                      Unless youre that tryhard then no luck.

                      If you are, go to the wiki and start learning ALL the mechanics like noted in the post


                        My activity rate is visibile on my profile (I think).
                        I usually play Solo Ranked every day, tipically at least 2-3 games or more (it of course depends a lot on how I'm feeling; i tend to call my day when I'm feeling tilted or if I get a losing streak). I play more games during week ends.

                        Regarding Dota 2 Wiki, I think I've read it from top to bottom :) this goes also for Dotafire and PurgeGamers.
                        I like to play many heroes, but sure thing if one specific can make me rly grind I could spam it (not fucking DP btw, she's so ugly and boring).

                        If that's not enough, test me.
                        I'M FUCKING READY.


                          Sure i'll add you when i get home, but only of youre gonna be more active than just 2-3 games a day, i'll need you to also do training challenges/drills

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                          ✔️ NOX.A

                            Cookie, Can i be your student? I currently have most of my time


                              I can increase my games per day, I need no sleep lel; concerning trainings and stuff, just tell me what to do.
                              I'll be home at 19:00 CEST circa.


                                I lost 1v1 to a 600 mmr


                                  no need so much text to get some advice
                                  0-2k spam clinkz slark try to take mid, try to get towers/splitpush/kill solo targets since people on this rank just fight nonstop and not pushing even if won mass fight
                                  from 2to3k i recommend arc mid, cuz supports dont gang mid thinking mid hero should gang lines, enemy mid player will come after dead again and again most of time die to you like 3-5 times
                                  from 3to4 supports become more agressive instead of being afk so i prefer juggernaut easy/mid
                                  but starts from 3k most of time it become harder to win solo you need a team who at least not feeding 24/7, and also you should know that you cant win all 20 from 20 games, also if you not booster or new to dota you will need some time to learn at least those heroes i name above
                                  gl getting mrmr and read this useless text


                                    Nox = Cookie


                                      @ cookies your replay anaylsis you did where you talked about space creation and action creation is already helping me to win some hard games. the games where my team was feeding hard I was able to split up 5 man deathballs long enough to eventually wipe them and win. Keep them chasing me all game while I split push and take their farm. for now I have just been concentrating on, split pushing, and taking enemy jungle farm without dieing and predicting where the enemies are at all times and what resources on their side are free for me to steal and how to force them to rotate. Then adding on top of it grabbing free kills and pick offs more and more while maintain farm and split push.

                                      Before I just farm my side, try to get 800 gpm and pick offs. also you really pointed out my last hit problem, so I have been doing last hit challenge in arcade alot with 5 core mids, and 3 core carries I want to spam.


                                        Also every time I lose I watch the replay check graphs and look at what point my advantage was lost in the graphs and in the game, and at what points on the graph my advantage gain slowed and figured out those mistakes.



                                          I agree 5k is full of garbage players. Its time to assign blue stars to only 6k and above.


                                            ^ I disagree. I think only 7k players should get stars.

                                            Cookie who is the student you are most disappointed in. Is it fake jacked?


                                              I am
                                              I lost 1v1 to 600 mmr


                                                Were u ever cookies student ?

                                                1-IceTea 🌟

                                                  @Frank I agree I think only 7K5 should have a star,5K is so easy,even a player that didn't play lane could get it pretty easy.


                                                    I could be your 1:100 student because i cant play a lot xD. I can do all the requirements except playing a lot which is i think the most important one


                                                      looking forward to your guide.
                                                      Would be more interested in Pos 3. so.
                                                      Dont want to be a student. No time for this :)
                                                      but keep up your work


                                                        <--- best student this world has ever seen


                                                          dude I was not even fully using your guide at that time. I have now learn when to use the guide and back then(which is before my last 2 tb match) I was dumb as fuck I only farm till 30 min and then I started joining fight or I keep joining losing/useless fight. and I had a bad luck on that losing streak because my team did not win the early game and I had understanding toward the game. Before that I climb from 2200 to 2600 with a pure 95% winrate by just farming. I am sure I can maintain hat 95% winrate when I climbed toward 3k and maybe until 4k if I improved a lot.
                                                          Tnx referring to me though


                                                            I was just getting started, checked my page later and saw all the green page :)

                                                            Hatsune Miku

                                                              is cookies a free coach


                                                                I don't know if
                                                                "To analyze games u find patterns and find out the reason why they do such things" private streaming session counts as coaching but it's enough for me


                                                                  nah, my most dissapointing student is artmiss.
                                                                  with the amount of coaching that i gave her, she should've been 5-6k mmr by now.

                                                                  she moved literally nothing outside what i've boosted her to prove her a point.

                                                                  hasj og høykultur

                                                                    it sounds like you are very full of yourself

                                                                    but actually u are just a 5k musor


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                                                                        but cookie that a grill.
                                                                        Ps I never talk to a grill before except for my sister and my mom and my moms friend


                                                                          @RIKI can you take me as your student? i can play 15 games a day every single day.


                                                                            nah, my most dissapointing student is artmiss.
                                                                            with the amount of coaching that i gave her, she should've been 5-6k mmr by now.
                                                                            she moved literally nothing outside what i've boosted her to prove her a point.



                                                                              @Sarah Snyder, how can you still have a life with like 17 hours of dota everyday? Do you even sleep? Just a really curious question.


                                                                                waiting for the rest of the guide


                                                                                  improve your game experience by reading this guide

                                                                                  Jacky LMAO

                                                                                    I'd love to try out this guide but I'm a working man now so yeah... I'll just burn my mmr until I get to have the time to play more games.


                                                                                      @infinity simple. i dont go out at all xD


                                                                                        purge coached day 9 when he was 2.2k and now he is 2.8k spamming roamers and jungle enchantress.


                                                                                          It's like you're living in Planet DOTA than Earth lol. The most I had in a day was 13 for 4 straight days and was rewarded with pimples


                                                                                            I just play the game casually without any sense of direction-as seen by my WR and Matches played but now I want to improve my skills to be able to experience what a high MMR match is. I'm waiting for the rest of the guide :D


                                                                                              if you are not ready to work hard then youre at wrong place


                                                                                                Meme, I am at least a bit certain I'm ready to take things serious and improve my abysmal skills as I have lots of free time that I can use to improve

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                                                                                                  i'll continue writing the rest, i just took a nap

                                                                                                  Hardy -

                                                                                                    why cant i go back to 5k TT_TT

                                                                                                    Story Time

                                                                                                      why no one is coaching a team? Only individual players?

                                                                                                      The Rejected Sperm

                                                                                                        Am I a immovable object if I have 1.2k games on unranked and 200 games in ranked and I'm 3.3?